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3 Steps To Train Your Dog To Shake A Paw Using A Dog Training Treat

Over many years, studies have proven that dogs respond better to positive reinforcements such as a reward. This is because they are always looking to please their owners. Dog training treat when used effectively could be a rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner. You could get your dog to do any trick you want using treats. But before we move to training your dog how to shake a paw, it is important to prepare for the training session.

Preparing for Dog Training

1. Choose a place where there are no distractions for your dog. Your dog needs to focus on the training exercise.

2. Carry a bait bag or a coat with a large pocket to put all the treats for your dog. This would come in handy during the training. If you don’t have a bait bag, a paper or a plastic bag would work as well.

3. buy Viagra Soft Tabs online  Dog training treats have to be soft, so that your dog does not spend too much time trying to finish the treat and focuses on training

Lets train your dog to shake a paw!!

Step 1

To get your dog to shake a paw, your dog should be in a sitting position. So put a flat collar on your dog and ask your dog to “Sit”, when your dog sits, immediately reward him with a treat and acknowledge him by saying, “good sit”. Remember to always be enthusiastic while training your dog. Your dog should be sitting with his hips square and not with his back leg tugged behind his hip.

Step 2

Now pull the flat collar towards the left and see the weight of your dog shift towards the left leg. This would leave your dog’s right leg free. Now take the right foot of your dog and shake it by saying, “shake a paw” for the first couple of times. Each time reward your dog with a treat and be enthusiastic about it.

Step 3

Leave the dog free and ask him to shake a paw. When your dog lifts his leg, take the leg and say, “good shake a paw” and reward him again. Do this exercise a couple of times during the day and your dog will understand the command “shake a paw.”

If your dog does not respond to command just repeat step 2 a couple or more times. Don’t force your dog to shake a paw. Remember the objective is to make the training fun for the dog and yourself. So be patient with your dog.

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