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A Proper Shampoo Can Help Eliminate Fleas On Your Dog

Fleas are tiny, dirty, little pests that can take up residence on your dog and bite him incessantly.

Did you know that a female adult flea can give birth to 2,000 babies? And where will those baby fleas live? On your dog of course, which is why a vigorous flea removal program is vital in killing off the fleas currently on your pet, as well as preventing future infestations.

One very important element in keeping fleas off of your dog is maintaining a consistent bathing program. Regularly scheduled baths will not only help your dog keep a healthy, shiny coat, it will help to keep the annoying fleas at bay. Baths can be scheduled at a regular weekly time, say every Sunday night after dinner, or they can be given after the animal comes in from a hike, or playing in the dirt. Either way, it’s important to praise the animal both before and after bathing, so that he or she will not try to squirm its way out of the tub.

Another tip is to make sure that the bath water you use for your pet is just lukewarm or even cool. A bathing temperature you or I may enjoy very well could be too hot for your dog.

There are a number of good, quality pet shampoos on the market today. These can be found at any pet store of course, but also at your local grocery store and at large retailers. However, for our flea removal discussion here, we will be focusing on flea shampoo for dogs.

A dog flea shampoo works like regular dog shampoos in the sense that they clean your dog while providing him with a shiner coat. However flea shampoos usually contain an insecticide like pyrethrin, which will kill the fleas currently on your animal. Recently, flea shampoo manufacturers have buy Suprax online begun listening to consumers who want more natural, less chemically invasive shampoos, and have therefore began producing organic type flea removing shampoos, including ones that use herbal insecticides. In addition, some flea shampoo for dogs contain oatmeal, which is designed to help smooth the animals skin, much in the way oatmeal can help smooth our skin.

Because the amount of flea shampoo needed for your dog varies on his or her size and weight, it’s important that you follow the instruction labels on the shampoo. This is especially true for those of you who have puppies with flea issues, as many different flea medicine for dogs are not recommended for dogs who are under three months old.

Although you’ll want to cover your entire dog in shampoo, paying close attention to his neck area is important, as it’s a central point for fleas, who like to hide out in the dog’s eye and ear locations. Be careful however, to try to keep the shampoo out of his eyes. Many experts also recommend for the shampoo to stay on the animal for at least five minutes. This should give the ingredients enough time to work on the fleas.

After the shampooing is over, you should rinse your dog very thouroughly. If shampoo residue is left on the dog, it could dry out his or her skin.

Lastly, while a a consistent bathing and a vigorous flea shampoo regime are important, they may not completely eliminate a nasty flea infestation in your dog. Other factors, such as the dog’s living environment will play a role in whether or not the fleas return. However, the use of a quality flea shampoo will help play a role in helping your dog get rid of fleas.

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