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A technique for Potty Training your Small Fur Baby.

Potty Training your puppy should be a priority as well as a dedication you need to make before bringing a puppy home.

I like to set aside 2 full weeks for potty training.

(1) You need a place to keep your puppy when it's not with you. This is usually a crate, but can be a play pen, a tiny space within your home. This place should not be to large. You want your fur baby to want out of this area to relive itself.

(2) The sleeping area should be close towards the potty area. No stairs, no doors, no slippery floors. If you're going to utilize a dog door, then the puppy should know how to utilize the dog door before potty training.

(3) It's most effective if only one owner is accountable for potty training. If there is to be more than one individual, set specific times for each and every individual to be fur baby sitting. The fur baby must want to follow you on its own feet, not being carried.

(4) You will need to restrict meals and water during potty training. Most fur babies ought to be in a position to go four hours at least between meals and water.

(5) You need to eliminate all smells of urine and feces from all areas of one's home. The bed where your puppy sleeps should be machine washable like the Flower Pet Bed, This way if there is an accident on the bedding it can be washed.

Here is a example of methods I use to train tiny puppies to go potty outdoors with a dog door. I take the flap off the dog door until the puppy utilizes the dog door effortlessly. I create a play pen around the interior and outside of the dog door. I put a bed like the Flower Pet Bed on the inside as well as a scent around the grass outdoors. I restrict their meals and water to a particular schedule.

I use a timer and set it to go off each and every hour. When the timer goes off I look at the fur baby, if it's awake I go outdoors and call it to go to the outdoors pen. I play with the fur baby and stay with it until it goes potty. I say "go potty" over and over, when it goes potty I give it a treat. As soon as it has gone potty then the fur baby may go back inside. When the fur baby is not restricted to the play pen, it'll either be in my hands or on a leash. If I see the puppy commence to squat or sniff about I say "outside" "outside" and take it to its potty area. As the fur baby masters this I expand the quantity of time to two, 3, 4 hours and so forth. It usually will take me a week to get to here.

Then I expand the puppy dog's world and wait for it to end up making a error. I open the pen in the inside of the home. I make certain the fur baby has unrestricted access to the dog door and the outdoors potty area. I watch it very carefully, this can be the toughest part, you have to be very diligent. You would like to catch your fur baby just starting to try to potty where it shouldn't, then chase it outdoors to the potty area. I usually utilize a noise maker like a can with rocks, or similar to startle it. I say "outside" "outside" and chase it out by means of the dog door to the potty area. The puppy has to create the connection: potty outdoors great, potty inside negative. As soon as that connection is made the biggest part of potty training is accomplished. This can be usually completed by the finish of week two. At this time your fur baby is potty managed, and life should be great.

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