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Aggression Suppression in Your Dachshund

Dachshunds are a naturally feisty breed.Bred to hunt badgers, they had to be clever and tough. But that assertive nature should not be allowed to turn against you. You need to be the alpha dog.

Individual dogs will vary in degree, of course. There are submissive Doxies though fewer than other breeds, on average.Some will try to persist on having their own way at all times, much like nearly all terriers.But dog training secrets can adjust their demeanor, especially if you start when they are young and stay consistent.

Zero tolerance should be the rule for all aggressive conduct, whether toward you, strange people, a family member and animals.Gnawing the leash during training is one mild demonstration.

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Discourage it by stepping on the lead close to their head. Then with the other foot, slowly pull the leash down to the ground closer and closer to the collar.Take care not to stress their neck, as they are prone to back problems.When they have released the lead, praise them generously.

To discourage snapping or excess barking or biting a squirt bottle comes in handy.When you Dachshund shows this behavior, give him a little squirt against the muzzle. Avoid the eyes.That scares your Doxie and it is unpleasant besides. Repeat, if necessary, but avoid making it a contest of wills.That only tends to make it appear to the dog that you are a enemy. Firm consistency is preferred to counter-aggression.

If your Doxie continues, isolate your dog and be prepared for some barking.Like coddled young children, a dog will sometimes try to whine or shout its way out of punishment.Present your dog with sturdy chew toys and allow him to work out the aggression on those while he’s in the "time out" box.

Follow the negative reinforcement with some positive reinforcement.Look for instances of good behavior and praise it generously.Use a modest number of treats if necessary.The point is to help the dog see for itself the different outcome of its own behavior in terms of your response.Dachshunds are intelligent.With persistence, they will learn.

For example, one may become assertive during fetch, refusing to give up the ball.Try to distinguish between genuine willfulness and a mere desire to play a different game, tug.Make the difference clear by playing tug with a rope, which they love.

It’s key to tread a fine line, though, because tug can lead to encouraging aggression.Exercising them a little harder than you would a more tranquil or playful dog will help.Aggression is partly caused by buy Stromectol online the frustration of repressed energy with no positive outlet.

An aide can be a big help here. Toss the ball to a partner several feet away, along the ground.When the Doxie gives chase, make sure the partner is the first to get the ball.Repeat the exercise a few times, then let your Doxie win.

With calmness and a little creativity, you can channel your Doxie’s aggression into more positive directions.

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