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Aggressive Dog Training Tips, With Some Reasons Your Pet May Have Changed Temperament

Aggressive Dog Training Tips

Every pet is different, but many owners find that their meek and mild dogs suddenly express aggressive behavior. Dogs have good reasons for the sometimes sudden change. Here are the four most common causes, and some aggressive dog training tips.

  1. Is Your Pet Becoming a "Teen"?
  2. Maybe Your Pet Is Shy
  3. PTSD…Animals Get it, Too
  4. Is Your "Best Friend" Ill or Hurt?

Is Your Dog Becoming a "Teen"?
Like human children, canines go through developmental stages that produce hormonal changes, which may result in "passive-behavior dogs" becoming "aggressive-behavior dogs." It is a myth that getting your pet "fixed" will address this issue. Your canine’s temperament will still be adjusting, especially at this time.

This is especially true for those who come from an aggressive family tree. Aggression will many times become manifest any time between 6-18 buy Amoxi-Tabs online months of age. If your male puppy has not been neutered, his tendency will be strongest at this age to become aggressive–in particular against other males.

The first of the aggressive dog training tips is two-fold: expect this behavior at this age, and get your pet spayed or neutered to temper the degree to which he or she expresses this trait.

Maybe Your Pet Is Shy
Perhaps your little "Fido" is simply a bit shy, or needs to be acclimated to social settings. Owners who have more than one dog tend to believe this will provide enough socialization for their animal, but this is not the case. It is the unfamiliar dog that your sheltered pet will defend against, out of fear.

Every breed is going to display the ability or inability to adapt to new social setting differently. Your first puppy may be an angel, whereas your second is a little beast. Also, different breeds will want to socialize or play differently, which may lead to your pet’s display of sudden-onset aggression.

The second aggressive dog training tip is to have him leashed and under controlled settings as you acclimate your pet to new situations. Try to make your pet feel safe, with reassuring words and even removing your dog if he or she becomes overwhelmed. Using positive reinforcement, train your pet with rewards for good behavior. The use of a clicker and treats for this training is a great idea.

PTSD…Animals Get it, Too
Maybe your dog was traumatized somehow. This can be as simple as being attacked or made to feel threatened in a public setting. If your dog has been attacked, especially as a puppy, the deep-seated threat may incite your pet to respond aggressively in similar situations.

The next of the aggressive dog training tips is: you may need to get a training muzzle for public settings until you can train your dog to be confident around other dogs. There are quite a few dog training resources available online, or seek the help of a dog behavior specialist. Initially, reassure your dog of your presence when in public, kept under a leash, rewarding good behavior as you give a command such as the simple "heel" command.

Another great way to overcome this is to schedule a "dog’s day out" with other friends who have dogs. Introduce your dog to these other dogs, one at a time, while you socialize with your friend. As your dog acclimates to these other dogs, introduce more dogs to the meeting, one by one.

Is Your Dog Ill or Hurt?
Dog language is body language, so when your dog comes down with, say, arthritis, he may turn into an aggressive grump. You can’t blame the poor guy. When a sick pooch is jumped on by a playful puppy, for instance, aggressive behavior may result.

Aggressive dog behavior may be your dog’s indicator that he or she needs to see the vet. Don’t ignore the aggressiveness, it will only get worse over time if left untreated. You’ll want to either learn positive reinforcement techniques through online resources, or hire a professional dog behavior specialist/trainer if you can afford the higher cost. When "passive-behavior dogs" become "aggressive-behavior dogs," it’s time to get aggressive dog training tips from a user-friendly, professional-grade handbook.

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