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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator – Commercial Strength-Sanitizes Tough Pet Odors Fast

I ran across Angry Orange odor eliminator through my wife's cousin. We have a large retriever and a small yard. I was always looking for something that would get rid of the pet waste odors that would be noticeable once in a while.

I tried many products such as citronella oil that you can purchase at most pet stores. None of these really did the job. My wife's cousin knew the owner of Angry Orange and told me the back ground story of the product. It was made for large scale agricultural applications like commercial turkey farms and rendering plants. This stuff was made for some really strong odors.

It's super strong but at the same time it's all natural and biodegradable. Many of your store bought products are loaded with toxic chemicals. Angry Orange is produced from cold pressed orange peels , it leaves a nice clean orange peel smell.

What you may notice on some applications is that it doesn't really leave much of an orange smell , but the foul smell will be eliminated. Which is your main intention regardless.

I've purchased a couple 8 oz bottles of concentrate off of Amazon. You can mix a couple ounces in a 32 oz spray bottle and fill the rest with water to use around your home. I also made a gallon up with one of those hand pump sprayers you buy at Lowes. This is what I use around the yard. What's great about the Angry Orange concentrate is how many other uses it has. We use it to clean around the house in sinks , the bathroom and all kinds of other applications. It's much more than just a pet odor and stain eliminator.

Plus it's a better value. If you purchase something like natures miracle , it's almost twenty dollars for a spray bottle. With the concentrate , you can make four 32oz bottles. This come out to less than $7.00 a bottle.

Bottom line , Angry Orange is a superior product at a better price in my opinion.

Angry Orange Eliminates The Toughest Pet Odors Instantly

Originally developed as an agricultural and commercial product aimed at eliminating livestock and poultry waste odors. Angry Orange was used in feedlots , sludge-ponds, poultry farms and rendering plants. It became a huge success and far surpassed estimated effectiveness.  It was also discovered as an effective odor eliminator and disinfectant product for the pet industry as well. Used by pet waste removal companies and boarding kennels. The  rest is history. If Angry Orange is good enough to eliminate odors in these industrial applications just Imagine what it can do for you.  

NOTHING ELSE COMPARES Can be used for literally 100's of applications around the house.  Super cost effective , costs less than half what our competitors charge and works much better than the store bought brands.  

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