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Are You Dealing With A Dog Who Doesn’t Want To Enter His Insulated Doghouse? Here Is What You Can Do

It happens that dogs don’t want to use the dog house they’ve been offered by their owner. There are many possible explanations why the dog doesn’t want to use it. The size may be the matter, may be he is too big, he needs more space. It may happen that the dog house is producing a funny smell that he is not comfortable with. The fact is you are frustrated about that and you want to do something about it right?

After spending so much money getting your dog a house, you would at least expect him to use it . Otherwise the money becomes a waste. Here are some few things you can do in trying to convince him to use his dog house.

• Put food inside
Whatever the case, your dog cannot resist food. The strategy here is to get him closer to his dog house and progressively encourage him to enter by pushing the food deep inside the dog house. You can first put his bowl at the entry of the dog house for a week or two. As he gets used to it you can now decide to put the bowl a bit further inside the dog house. At that point he will have to enter his head inside the dog house if he really wants to access the food. After a week or so you may now put the food deep inside the dog house. He will have no choice but to enter his whole body if he wants to eat. That way, he gets used to using his dog house.

• Give him a comfortable bed
A good nice comfortable bed is a nice way to encourage your dog to use his house. Although dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor, they do recognize there is a difference between sleeping on the floor and sleeping on a comfortable bed. I bet they prefer sleeping on a comfortable bed rather than the floor. If they have a nice bed in the dog house, they will be more than willing to use it.

It also has been buy Kamagra Soft online recommended to give the dog a bed that has the smell of the dog’s owner. You might want to give your dog a bed that you’ve used before or at least you can put on that bed a bed sheet that has your smell on it, basically something that has your smell will make your dog feel more confident on it.

• The dog house has to be insulated
The dog house should represent some sort of refuge for which the dog knows he can rely on. In times of harsh weather conditions the dog house should play a role of protection. That is why it should be insulated against the elements. A dog house with an easy to open door will be very useful because it doesn’t allow the outer air to easily get inside the dog house. Wooden dog houses should be given preference.

• The door’s position
The dog may feel uncomfortable if the dog house door is position such that he cannot monitor his outside environment. Dogs want to be able to patrol their environment even when inside the dog house. You should position the dog house in such a way that the dog can still monitor his environment.

• Be strict over the rules, the weather will be the final judge
Let your dog understand that his outdoor dog house is the only refuge that he has. By being strict over these rules the dog will understand over time. If you feel to sentimental about it and let him inside your house anytime he start playing the sad dog he will never get used to his dog house.
There are cases where certain dogs never used their dog house until later in the winter where the weather became so intolerable. So just give it some time. The weather will sure let your dog know that sleeping inside his dog house is a good option.
If you want recommendations of good insulated dog houses out there you should check the website that talks about that: outdoor dog kennel.

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