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Avoid Small Dog Syndrome Through Bichon Frise Training

Perhaps some owners may think that bichon frise training is no longer important considering that this breed falls under the toy dog category. And being regarded as toy dog only usually means one thing – to live a life like that of a pampered prince or princess. Put simply, a pup gets to own expensive stuff, being taken to trips and social events, being carried all over and allowed to get away with whatever generic for cialis issues he/she gets into.

Although you mean no harm to your pet, some of those actions are in fact not helping you mold his young mind to become a well-mannered pet most people enjoy to be around. Giving in to his whining or crying is more likely to lead to various behavior problems like small dog syndrome.

A pet with small dog syndrome behaves just like a spoiled brat who is snappy, nippy, demanding and disobedient. He generally seems to act larger than he really is in the hopes of protecting his self and also the pack especially if he sees the need to do so.

The simplest way to prevent this behavior is for you to maintain your confidence as the owner, as head of the pack. You need to make the message clear that you’re the boss and you’re capable of performing your tasks.

If he committed something undesired, do immediate steps to correct him. Like if he bites or jumps at you, ignoring him is one of the best ways to let him know that you are not pleased with what he is doing. When training him to walk correctly, make sure that he is situated alongside or behind you, not ahead of you. Do not let him drag you as to where he prefer to go. Make it clear to him that you are the one who decides where and when to go and just how fast your pace should be.

Eating ahead of him and using firm tone pharmacy without a prescription of voice in saying “no” if you don’t want what he is doing can also help you achieve successful dog training.

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