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Avoid Your Dog Or Pet’s Nipping And Biting

My lab pointer likes to nip and bite, she’s an awfully frolicsome dog but what she does not understand is that her small nips and bites can do some damage to my skin and other peoples’ skin.  Though nipping and biting is fun and harmless in a puppydog or kitten, it’s not when a full-grown dog with full-grown fangs does it. 

It is very important to keep your pet under control and teach them when they are young so they know what behavior is sufficient and what isn’t.  Worse yet, if your pet starts off believing that nipping and biting is O.K it can change into more assertive behavior, so to stop the nipping and biting by following these steps. 

A where to buy cialis without prescription method to stop your pet’s relentless nipping and biting is to provide them with enough toys that they can play with and put in their mouth.  When my dogs were puppies I regularly let them bite or nip on my fingers you do not want to allow them to try this all of the time because they will think your fingers are there for them to chew.  Providing them with enough toys to pinch and bite gets their mind off your fingers.  For dogs, rubber toys or rawhide bones are perfect for them to chew.  For cats, a rag or play mouse is ideal for them to play with. 

Next time your pet attempts to nip or bite your fingers, let out a yelp like the sound of another animal.  If your pet believes they have hurt you, they are going to realize that biting or nipping at your fingers is not a nice thing to do.  They may even lick your fingers.  When your pet stops after your howl, make sure you give them a nice pat or a treat. 

This next strategy always worked for me.  An easy, loud, and firm NO! And ignoring them for a few minutes always seemed to do the trick.  The firmness and solemnity of your voice will alert your pet to the undeniable fact that biting and nipping on you isn’t buy Kamagra online satisfactory.  And when you stop playing with them they feel ignored and eventually will associate your sadness with their nipping and biting.  You can also grab their collar, look them firmly in the eye and shake them sharply telling them who the boss is.

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