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Best Chicken Liver Dog Treats – American Made – Healthful, Safe, Convenient

These awesome Brave Beagle dog treats are a new arrival on the market. If you are like me, you know your pup deserves the best quality food and snacks. Our dogs are a family member and should have only the best, am I right? There are many reasons to really love these Brave Beagle treats. They are USA made, so are much safer than imported Chinese made treats out there on the shelves. They are small and light meaning you get about 240 of them in a big 8 oz bag – these are great value, they will last a long time. They are manufactured from one single ingredient – only chicken liver – and include no preservatives or fillers or other hidden items to hide the scent or change the color. Apparently dogs know this. They recognize the smell of real liver and eat them right up. Also they are gluten-free, grain free and wheat free. These are a very healthy treat! Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats are available exclusively on the online store, so if you order items there usually or are an amazon Prime member it's very efficient to pick a pack up – they'll come straight to your door. And maybe the greatest thing is that Brave Beagle offers a money-back guarantee, there is really no risk in giving these gourmet dog treats a try.

Here is a premium, healthy snack for your dog!

What are Brave Beagle treats' ingredients?
They are manufactured from a SINGLE ingredient – chicken liver – and include no fillers, grain, dyes, antibiotics, or other hidden nasties. The treats are suited for dogs on a low-carb, low-sodium, grain-free or raw diet. Dogs love the scent and taste of real freeze dried chicken liver meat.

Where are Brave Beagle treats made?
In a GMP certified facility in the United States of America. The meat is USDA inspected – these are a safe item.

What is freeze drying?
A preparation method that entails freezing then removing almost all of the moisture but not the nutrients. This allows our dog treats to weigh very little and easy to transport, and to be stored for longer periods than fresh organ meat – you won't need to refrigerate them!

How to best use these treats? The treats are convenient for:
– obedience training
– leash walking training
– rewards
– food topping for picky eaters
– treats to keep in the car
– high value rewards for kongs or other "puzzle" toys

They do not need to be prepped, cut, broken, snapped like jerky or refrigerated. These cube shaped treats are simple to keep in their original resealable US-made pouch that stands by itself.

For how long will Brave Beagle treats last?
The treats are low calorie – four calories each means a small dog can enjoy 2 to 4 per day or a large dog 6 to 8. That means these HUGE packets of 240 treats go a long way (up to 4 months dependant on how you use them)!

What if my pup doesn't enjoy them?
Give our treats a try. As with all our products, we stand by their quality and will refund you 100% if your pup is not content.

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