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Best How To Potty Train A Puppy Tricks

It’s important to have a good plan when it comes to how to potty train a puppy and stick to it. I have come across many how to potty train a puppy tricks that I’m going to share with you to make potty training easier and more successful.

Patience. This is imperative to the success of potty training your puppy. It takes time for your puppy to learn where he/she is supposed to use the bathroom. Also, accidents will happen especially at the beginning. Don’t scold or yell at your puppy. Just clean up the mess and take him/her to where he/she is supposed to be going.

Praise. Always praise your puppy whenever he/she succeeds in going potty in the correct place. Reward him/her with a treat or some playtime together. This is important. It will show your puppy that it is exactly what you want from him/her.

Personal Space. A crate or some kind of bed is a good idea for you puppy. It will be his/her own little personal space but put it in a busy area of the house. Puppies are very sociable and it will prevent them from feeling isolated from his/her new family. Teach your puppy to enjoy being on his/her bed or in his/her crate with toys. Start by leaving your puppy there for a short time.

Signals. Puppies will typically give out signals that they need to go outside to relieve themselves. They include: sniffing the floor, barking at the door, turning in buy Lopid online circles while sniffing, standing by the door and scratching at the door. This is important to be aware of so watch your puppy.

Timing. There are certain times a day you should make sure to take your puppy outside. These include (besides every few hours!) when first waking up, before bed and before and after meals. In addition, limit his food to four hours before bed and water two hours before bed.

Use a Potty Training Aid. This is a great way to potty train your puppy as it will be easier and quicker. Buy a product like Simple Solutions Potty Training Aid. All you have to do is spray the aid in the area you have chosen for your puppy to go potty. That’s it. And it works.

Indoor Dog Potty. The indoor dog potty is great for potty training puppies especially if you live in an apartment and have limited space. It is a mat that your puppy can potty on. It’s made out of synthetic grass and has a collection tray underneath that the pee goes into. It is odorless, easy to clean and very sanitary. Both puppies and their owners love the indoor dog potty. This is an easy how to potty train a puppy trick.

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