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Best Quality Collar Light For Dogs that Makes Night Walks So Much More Fun

I Love These Little Dog Lights!

This might sound silly but I never believed that a special Dog collar light was something I would ever desire or require for my dog once I utilized it everything altered. I enjoy night strolls with my dog, so weird but it's true, I'll explain.

I walk my dog when I get home from work and it's already dark so I was trying to find an item I might use for security. This was for a variety of reasons: 1) It's occasionally extremely dark on the sidewalk I stroll so I wanted others to see my dog, including vehicles, bikes and skateboarders. 2) I would like to see what my dog is sniffing at on the ground. I don't desire him sniffing other dogs poop or someone's tossed food/garbage. Normally I have to bring a flashlight for this, not fun. 3) I needed a light for when I let the lead out for him to wander so I can keep an eye on him.

I went to Amazon to see what was offered and this Bubba's Leash Light appeared as the # 1 Hottest New Release so I purchased it. I got it faster than anticipated and promptly I noticed it was various that all the other dog lights I've seen on the market. The cute packaging had 2 lights which was nice. It wasn't bulky or heavy like all the others. This was so light weight, small and durable. I found it extremely simple to clip on my dogs collar where his tags are. As I used it for the very first time I noticed a huge distinction from the other lights for dogs. This was a tiny flashlight not a dull round flashing glow light. It really pointed a beam to the ground as my dog walked. Nearly like I was holding a flashlight. It bounced around as he walked which was really fun and neat to see. As we stopped so did the light and it went where his nose went. I had a couple of people remark and stop me to ask about the light. People Love It!

Package states around 30 walks per light so I don't have to change the batteries for 2 months, and I already found them on Amazon for much cheaper than in Target and Best Buy.

In my opinion this light is a must have. It's one of those products that I love a lot I purchase one for everyone I believe requires it, or in this case has a dog. I swear once you try it you will certainly love it. I encourage you to click the link below to order yours now and see on your own. If you decide to attempt it out, let me know what you think, I certain you will love them!

More about this Dog Collar Lights product

Bubba's Leash Light was Developed to add Enjoyable, Excitement and Safety to Walking your Dog at Night. Even Children look forward to walking the dog with a Bubba Leash Light On. A bouncing mini LED Flashlight designed specifically for dogs- it's small in design, never gets hot and its light enough for even for the smallest of dogs. It weighs as much as a quarter and has simple on/off switch keeping your hands free on the Night Walk. Bubbas Leash Light Features: Resilient Construction, Long Lasting Changeable Batteries. D-clamp For Easy Application. On/Off Switch For Consistent Light While Walking at Night.Bubba's cute Logo and Image on Leash Light. So Light Weight Your Pet dog Will not Even Know It's on. Unbreakable Bright LED. Resilient Quality Plastic. Bubba's Leash Light Brings Excitement to Night Time Play Time. Water Resistant, Not Water-proof. **CAUTION** – Always Supervise Your Pet with Leash Light & unclip Light When Not In Use. May be Dangerous if Ingested. Replacement Batteries – 1- CR2032 or 2- CR2016

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