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Best Seed Bird Feeder Featuring Squirrel Proof Mesh, Suitable for Peanuts, Hanging Ornamental Item

When you thought that everything was revealed, the ChiliPet brand showed us how wrong we were when it launched its remarkable green mushroom bird feeder to be the soul of your home backyard and the center of your children and guests happiness.

The wild Bird Feeder is a great gift idea for any occasion for example, as your children gift elementary school graduation or for workmate recognition reward and it is obtainable for sale on Amazon since July 1st, 2015. If it is impossible for you to find an intimate time with your family, this product it is the answer you are looking for to have hours of quality time.

Last week my sister´s family visited us and stayed the whole weekend so we spend lots of hours with my children and nephews finding the best way to attract birds as much as possible and we did it and it was a very fun experience for children and adults.

I found that this product is a genius way to instruct children to be conscious about nature and for gaining additional knowledge of the birds world. It opens an endless possibility of amazing discoveries of how nature works and how people can contribute to preserve the planet.

I purchased two units of this fun bird feeder last week and I put it one in my backyard and another one in our country house and it works greatly in both spots. For example, in my backyard looks great as a decorative object and it is a good as a complement for my furniture. We can see some urban clinging birds, even doves and quail visit us frequently, from our dining room and kitchen windows; otherwise at our country house, my family enjoyed watching a huge variety of wild birds such as woodpeckers, finches, goldfinches, chickadees, kinglets, sparrows, cardinals, titmouse, nuthatches, among other species.

It is super resistant because is made of very good quality steel along its entire body and the quality of the painting is great too. It is very easy to install and set up, so the hard part it is to stay away from watching it every 10 or 15 minutes to see the way birds eat and sit at the table.

Even Though, it is made solely to fill with black-oil sunflower seeds and peanuts, you could find some other food options like almonds, but virtually every bird that visits my backyard bird feeders eats black-oil seeds and this food is very easy to find in any grocery or retail stores nearby. I definitely recommended having one of this at home.

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