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Border Collie: Toilet Training Basics

A new border collie brings joy and excitement to everyone.  This breed is actually capable of performing jobs that will make life less difficult.  And besides, knowing that there’s someone at home waiting for your return will paint a smile on your face even in your darkest days. 

However, this joy and excitement frequently wears off quickly and the smiles are turned into screams of frustration when this new baby is turning buying cialis without a prescription into a little monster and starts to use the house as his lavatory.  So, it is always advised to toilet train a border collie as soon as possible. 

To make potty training simple and less difficult, you need to realise first the nature of puppies.  Just like human babies, puppies have tiny bladders and bowels.  This makes it harder for them to control their need to eliminate.  The smartest thing a Border collie owner should do is to supervise his pet closely.  Watch for pointers that Fido is getting ready to do his business.  These signs include turning in circles, sniffing the floor, pacing, sighing or staring at you.  When your puppy exhibits any of these signs, take him to the appropriate spot and let him do his thing.  Also, take him outside after waking up in the morning, after drinking and eating, after exercise and before going to bed.  Praise and reward your dog every time he does his thing outside.  By doing so, you are helping your pet develop his potty schedule.  The method can be time-intensive but don’t worry.  It will not last for all eternity.  When your little puppy is the right age to manipulate his bladder and guts (which occurs when he’s around 12 weeks old); things will be different. 

It is not a dog’s plan to commit accident purposely.  Understand that accidents cannot be evaded and punishment isn’t necessary when correcting your dog.  When you return home to a pile of poor beside the settee, never hit your dog for it.  He’ll never understand that he is being punished for the mistake he probably did hours back.  When caught in the activity of doing his thing within the house, make a noise loud enough to distract him but not too loud to scare him to death.  Take him out instantly and let him finish at the right spot.  Praise and reward your dog after. 

By being consistent and determined, you’ll ultimately understand that you have gotten successful in your search for having a reliably housebroken border collie.

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