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Brand New Bitter Dog Deterrent Spray – Get Rid Of Dog Chewing and Feline Scratching.

Pets chewing or scratching on things can be annoying to animal owners. With our proven Bitter Pet Repellent Spray, even the most "naughty" pet dog or cat will be deterred immediately.

Just a few quick, easy sprays will work. It also deals with numerous items and surfaces such as furniture, plants, shoes, paws, wounds, walls, electrical cords and many more.

It is stain proof for your home and allergy free for your pets as well as you.
Our formula promotes recovery on hot spots and wounds by featuring a patented tea tree oil agent.

It is safe for your pets and does not contain any dangerous active ingredients, so your animal won't end up being sick if they lick on their wounds or other surfaces.

ORDER NOW for our Risk Free, 90 Day Guarantee!

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I like dogs and my pet dog Jesse is my best buddy. Having said that, it's not always fun and games specifically in our home. Among his preferred pastime is biting on shoes, slippers and my boy's favorite toys. Not only does it trigger a mess in your house, it's also harmful for his health. How delightful when you find a useful dog repellent spray that successfully stopped him from chewing and gnawing.

It hasn't always been this simple, it took me a lot of trial and errors before discovering one that in fact works consistently. Some do work for a bit but eventually it has no impact anymore. My pet dog would chew on anything and I mean anything, from shoes, electrical cords, plants, to furniture and his wounds which might make him sick. The fantastic thing about this dog repellent spray is that it contains an unique tea tree oil agent that helps soothing and healing his wounds and hot spots. Not only is it such an excellent item, but a good deal as well. We have always purchase pet supplies from local animal stores or Wal-Mart, sadly numerous of them ends up being rather low quality.

The online giant Amazon is my newest most preferred online shopping place. I really like their incredibly fast shipping and money-back guarantee. It puts me at ease and it guarantees I'm entirely satisfied with my purchase. It comes to no surprise when I order this item from their website, it arrives on the second day and in ideal condition. The item was not damaged or leaked like some of my previous online purchasing experience from other sites. Their follow-up customer support is excellent. They ensured my item arrived on time plus they offered some fantastic tips for getting the most out of the item. You just do not get better service from a business.

You do not need fancy tricks to get the item working. Just a few easy sprays on the spot or area you wish to prevent your pet dog from chewing. It's that simple! At first, I did not have high expectations for the item when I believed it's just another "bitter spray". I was surprised and cheerful when Jesse showed no interest for his favorite shoe. It did not just work one time, but it has been weeks and the item is still working, talk about money well spent.

For many years, I have made many purchases both online and offline, but I was specifically satisfied with this particular purchase. If you have a dog that has this chewing or biting issue, I advise you to give this dog repellent spray a shot. The company also said it prevents felines from scratching also. Check out this item by clicking the link below to see for yourself. If you choose to try it, let me know your experience. I'm positive you will not be disappointed.

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