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Butcher Block Cutting Boards

Butcher block cutting boards are now extremely popular for kitchen use. Originally started around a hundred years ago for use by professional butchers, the long lasting beauty has created a more general appeal. No longer are they exclusively for commercial use, and they are a popular addition to any one’s home.

Most non commercial setting owners love the look of the Monarch butcher block for an island in their home. Before the dovetailed blocks came along those butchers of past would use sycamore rounds to cut the meat on. Since they would split often it would end up being more of a health problem than anything. Now the butchers block is made from small strips of maple that have been laminated and glued together.

Big, solid and durable, these butcher block chopping boards are usually made with the smaller non commercial setting in mind and it is unlikely that a full size commercial block would be used in the residential as they are not as aesthetically pleasing.

There are two distinct types of butcher block – end grain and side grain, the difference being that the end grain – as the name suggests uses the end grain of a piece of wood, so that when a knife is used, it slips between the grains, meaning less damage to the knife and fewer sharpenings. Typically, a hard wood such as Maple is used, meaning many years of use.

The dovetail and double dovetail joint combined with pressurized glue application produces a solid, heavy finished product that will last many years, and certainly longer cialis order than a single piece of wood. The joints are buy Talekt syrup online almost impermeable to bacteria although exposure to hot water such as in a dishwasher should be avoided.

Sometimes these boards are available used, either in flea markets or on websites such as ebay because they are so durable. the commercial ones tend to be less pleasing to the eye, but are extremely practical.

Burcher block furniture is a welcome addition to any residential. They are warm, handsome and long lived. This means they are actually better value for money in the long run than some of the cheaper alternatives. A butcher block cutting board will last a life time – or longer.


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