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Cage Training Your Yorkie

If you’ve ever owned a Yorkie, you know they can be difficult to potty-train.  However, crate training can make the process far easier for many reasons.  buy Himalaya Chyavanaprasha online In this article, I’ll discuss crate training your Yorkie. 

Yorkies are intellectual dogs.  Actually research has proven that they can learn commands faster than a substantial number of other breeds.  However they can still be unrelenting when it comes to potty-training.  Using a crate will keep them confined so they can stay clear of difficulty. 

Dog crates come in several different sizes, but you need to be sure you find one that’s the correct size for your Yorkie.  You do not want one that is so little that they can’t move in, and you do not want one that is too huge, or your Yorkie will urine in it.  You need to find one that is just enough room for them to stroll around in. 

You will want to put a comfortable blanket or doggie bed in their crate to keep them comfortable. Don’t put too much in there initially in the event your Yorkie has an accident in it. 

Your Yorkie should stay in their crate during the night and when no one is at home. This keeps them from roaming the house freely and hinders them from having accidents in the house.  Just remember to take them outside 36 hour cialis to go potty first thing in the morning or when you get home. 

If your Yorkie has an accident inside the house, don’t punish them by making them go their crate.  You do not want them to suspect that their crate is a type of punishment.  It should be a safe, snug area for your Yorkie.  Most small dogs will actually like being in their crates because they feel safe and comfortable in it. 

Crate training works wonders if done right and even after your Yorkie is trained, they could still prefer to sleep in it.

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