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Can You Teach A Dog To Flush?

Puppy house breaking and dog potty training are best done with secrets to dog training by Daniel Stevens, the dog training expert.

Does Your Dog Flush? – Easy Dog House Training

The idea of dog house training may seem more than a little daunting but it’s not hard if you have the right tools and methods. Below are a few tips that will start you on this adventure of interacting and teaching your new best friend how to behave. Your efforts will allow you and your pet to enjoy time together in your home without the constant worry of damage caused by an unreliable – canine. The key to remember is that a dog is a companion first and being with you is important to their well being.


House training is associating your pleasure and approval with your dogs understanding that they need to go outdoors to urine and defecate.

Crate training is a method or strategy that uses your dogs natural instincts to help solidify the house training efforts. So for good a house breaking experience, here are a few dog house training suggestions that you will find important.

TIP #1
Threatening can be good only if you want a dog that will go off to a quiet corner or other part of the house to go to the bathroom. Hitting, using a rolled up newspaper, yelling in anger, and any other unpleasant reactions directed at your pet will NOT help with your house breaking.

Consistent praise is the key to faster learning any behavior, none more so than teaching them not to go to the bathroom indoors. Dogs are simple creatures that do things they like and are fun while avoiding things they don’t like or are NOT fun. See above tip and why yelling doesn’t work.

By watching for signs when your dog needs to go, you can take them directly outside and avoid an accident. Accidents will happen but the idea of house training is to keep them from happening by carefully watching your dogs behaviors.

All dogs will sniff around or turn in a few circles before squatting to go. You job is to catch them before they actually have an accident and take them outside. Go outside with them! Once they go, you can then give them a lot of praise for urinating or defecating outside where you prefer and not in the house.

Speaking of consistency, use only one word to mean one thing. Don’t use Bathroom one time, then potty the next. Your pet has enough trouble figuring out what you want without having you use different words that mean the same.

While a dog pen or cage can be used for crate training it isn’t a house training method but only a tool. Crate Training is a way to keep control of your pet whenever you aren’t able to keep a watchful eye on them. This includes not only during the day but also night time as well.

The biggest problem with dog house training is the need to remain consistent. The idea of moving a dog crate from the living room to the bedroom at night can be a chore. The answer to this problem is a portable doggie crate available only from the site below. Find out more about these affordable – portable dog crates used to quickly house train your dog

For the best and quickest dog house training result, you need to keep your dog close to you and involved in your life as much as possible. Having your pup close is great especially if you no longer need to carry around a heavy metal cage or bulky plastic crate.

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By Abigail Franks
Published: 6/12/2007

Posted under House Breaking A Puppy

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