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Can Your Dog Eat Anything and Everything?

Our Australian Shepherd, Mittsy, was pretty much a normal puppy as far as chewing on things goes. She did the shoe thing and the wooden legs on our kitchen chairs. The puppy chewing phase lasted until she was about 15 months old.

Even after the teething phase wore off, she would always find something new to chew on. We were only able to control what she buy Potassium Iodide online had available to her by using pet gates to limit her access.

You know how there are exceptions to every rule right? Well Mittsy s cullinary plan seemed to defy every rule written about dangerous items for dogs to ingest.

We were terrified for her the first time this happened, and it has happened several times since then. On her first Easter weekend with us, she managed to find our children s cache of left over chocolate Easter eggs. Mittsy devoured as many as she could, wrapper and all.

The stomach pains she would experience would last about a day and then she would be back on the hunt to see if there was anymore of this glorious buy 20 mg acomplia online food to be found.

Mittsy s next favorite food was lipstick, the redder the better. Mittsy had mostly black fur, except for around her paws and face. Needless to say, it was real easy to spot when she had found a lipstick tube to chew on. Our daughters never seemed to learn, as they would always leave their lipstick somewhere that was easy access for Mittsy.

Have you ever tried to remove red lipstick from a beige carpet. Well in our house it happened so frequently that we became experts at it. The household pet gate never seemed to be enough of a deterent, because our daughters would leave their lipstick all over the house. Easy pickings for Mittsy.

Hold onto your hats folks, because the next Mittsy feast will surprise even you.

One long August week-end our whole family (including Mittsy) was invited to a friend s cottage. It was a great cottage on a beautiful lake. There were several country acres for the dogs (Mittsy and two others) to roam about in. The dogs were having a great time together.

The majority of this infamous weekend was absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately, on the day we were to leave for home, Mittsy decided that she would need lots of food to tide her over on the four hour trip home. She searched high and low looking for any kind of eats she could find.

Mittsy s hunt started indoors, and she somehow managed to track down a french loaf that had been set aside for the parting meal that evening. She managed to eat the whole 18 inch loaf of bread without being noticed by anyone, but her feast was not yet finished. That was just the appetizer.

Believe it or not, I had gone into the cottage looking for a frisbee when something caught my eye out of the cottage s back window. There was Mittsy chewing on anything she could find in our friend s compost heap …yuck.

I managed to chase her away from her compost delight, but within half an hour or so, Mittsy became very ill. Every breath from her mouth was steaming in the air, even though it was a 90 degree day.

It would be four hours before we got back to civilization, and we thought by starting the trek as soon as possible, we could get Mittsy to a vet before nightfall. We finsihed packing the car, said our goodbyes and headed out.

She was sick at least a half dozen times before we got home. It was the most unpleasant trip our family has ever experienced.

I guess she did a good job purging herself, because by the time we got home, Mittsy was raring to go and was running around our yard looking for something to play with, or eat.

We watched her closely, made sure she had lots of fresh water to drink and marveled at the dog with the iron gut. It was like she was saying to us I told you I could eat anything .

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