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Cat Food Deep dish + Toys with Catnip Pillow Ideal Product for Kittens

I treasure this. My kitten really loves it. What else might a cat/human desire? It's got toys, and a food/ water bowl. I currently use it as a water dish since I have a larger sized feeder for Edward, but he enjoys this little bowl. I love that he can't tip it over. That's one of the concerns I've had with Edward, he loves to tip his water bowl over in his enthusiasm to get a drink of water (or no matter what the reason he constantly seems to dump his water). The toys I know are probably the big selling part of this, but I really like the water bowl. It's totally easy to clean, it holds up to even my big ol' Edward's drinking, and it holds a sizable quantity, I only have to refill it once a day, or twice in the event that he's been very active and thirsty that day. The toys are extremely cute, don't get me wrong, and he loves playing with them. They've held up well, and so far not a single one has been messed up to the point that it has to go in the trash (which seems to happen to a ton of his toys). I strongly recommend this, particularly if you are having a hard time to find a food (or water) bowl that your kitty won't dump.

Exercise your pet cat's natural instincts, help lower anxiety and bring out his/her fun persona with our Kitten Toy Set with Ergonomic Meal and Water Bowl.
Our fun-filled toys will make it possible for your cat to track, chase, attack and kick while it keeps him or her occupied for many hours.

In order to keep your pet cat fascinated, go around the toys and set active games with him or her. It will certainly help relieve your cat's anxiety and feeling of boredom.
Multi-purpose double bowl was designed exclusively for little family pets and offers a comfortable flat feeding surface for simpler access to meal or water. Wide non-skid base will help reduce the chances of moving and splashing.
We can not guarantee the cost of this value pack, so order now!
100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied, please reach out to us and we will quickly replace your product or return your money.

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