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Cat Hairball Remover For Cats amp; Dogs-Video Summary

The Fur-Tastic 2 in 1 De-shedding Tool has a rotating head that quickly flips from a rake to a blade. It can be a de-matting rake PLUS a de-shedding comb. Designed by pet professionals and made with top quality materials and workmanship, like the stainless steel head and ergonomic handle. Satisfaction guaranteed by Encore Pet Products! Made in Chinabrbrdiv style=text-align:centerobject width=425 height=350param name=movie value= name=wmode value=transparent/paramembed src= type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode=transparent width=425 height=350/embed/objectbra href= target=_blankCheck Out This Video About Pet Brush For Dogs Cats/a/divbrbrA word about grooming cats: Grooming does more than keep the cat looking good. It preserves healthy skin by promoting the production of sebum, an oily secretion produced by sebaceous glands at the base of each hair. Licking spreads sebum over the hair coat to waterproof the fur and lubricate, and make it shine. It also removes loose hair and prevents mats, and removes dirt and parasites like fleas. Also, Cats can#039;t sweat to cool themselves. Instead of panting to cool off (like Fido), cats rely on the saliva spread on the fur. It evaporates to help cool the kitty in hot weather. Well groomed fur can be fluffed to allow air circulation against the skin.brbrA word about grooming dogs: Matted hair pulls and causes great discomfort and pain for your pet, creates a breeding environment for fleas, ticks and their nests and also causes skin problems. This is enhanced by regular de-matting. De-shedding the coat removes dead and loose fur so new healthy fur can grow in.brbrCaution when using the de-shedder: First take notice of your pets skin and avoid de-shedding if there are open sores, lumps or bumps. Only use the de-shedding tool when the hair is dry. Keep away from childrenbrbrPamper your dog or cat with the Furtastic 2 in 1 De-shedding Tool!

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