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Bark Off We live in a neighborhood of dog lovers, which is a great thing because animal lovers are generally nice, kind people.  This kind, gentle disposition shows up in a dog lover’s pet, too.  The only difficult thing about living in an area that is highly populated with dogs is that when one starts barking, they all have to join in.  I guess it’s some sort of animal instinct that if there’s something out of the ordinary for one, it’s enough reason for them all to sound the alarm. 

We had a pet trainer out to see what he could do with our Fritzy, a Jack Russell Terrier.  His suggestions, although simple enough, did not work over the long term so we just sort of gave up barking training.  When I first saw the Bark Off cialis online buy advertised, I really didn’t think much of it.  I think because there are so many dogs living around here that one seems always to be barking, and so what if I got my dog to stop barking for a minute or two? 

Then I had an epiphany !  What if everyone in the neighborhood bought one of these things?  I mean, they’re certainly cheap enough, especially with the “buy one, get one” offer.  So I talked to my next-door neighbor, and we split the cost and ordered.  They came in and both our families prayed they worked!

I was shocked, within minutes of reading the directions, our Fritzy heard something that he didn’t like and started to pitch his usual barking fit.  I switched on the Barkoff, and lo and behold, his ears pricked up and he quit barking.   I checked next door, and they had the same experience; their schnauzer started to pick up on Fritzy’s yapping, but quit within a few seconds of them turning on the Bark Off devce .

After a brief meeting , we decided to take the Dog Silencer around the neighborhood to give demonstrations so that maybe everyone living around us would buy one.  Of course, there was a lot of skepticism.  But when our neighbors saw that the BarkOff really did stop their dog’s barking, it was an easy sell.  It’s a shame I don’t get a commission ! 

I buy Medrol online think everyone’s main concern was that it was safe for their pet and also for their kids.  As the pet is the only one that can hear the Bark Off’s ultrasonic signal, it’s safe to use indoors around children.   Like me, they were impressed that it was a small and portable unit that did not require a dog collar.

We wound up getting six orders…that’s twelve Bark Offs.  Now, the whole neighborhood uses this stop dog barking device.  We all keep them handy, so if our dog goes outside and starts barking, we can just pick it up, go on to the patio, switch it on and he stops barking.  It’s amazing that now that we all have the units and are using them regularly, barking is almost non-existent in our neighborhood.  It’s great not to have to yell at Fritzy to be quiet and complain about the neighbor’s dog barking.  “The Sound of Silence” as present by Bark Off!  It’s great !

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