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Choosing a dog house

Breeds are all different, same as people are different. Housing your dog depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, your dog breed and the amount of room you have to spare.

For those who dont know me, my name is Sue Walton, and I am a professionaly accredited Dog trainer and coach. This article shares with you some of my top dog housing tips, but for my best secrets and heaps more info, you need to visit my site on dog training secrets, which has a huge section on choosing and siting a great kennel/dog house.

We can start by looking at which dog you have. Housing your dog largely depends on its requirements to stay safe warm and dry.

Toy breeds by the virtue of their small size, make perfect house pets. Many owners of pet breeds such as terriers, shitzu or maltese are happy all the time provided they are trained well!

These little breeds respond well to the home environment, providing they know their place! You’ll probly find that a matt or a doggy bed aroun the acomplia order online size of a cat bed will suffice for these small breeds.

Keeping him/her in garage or washhouse could be ideal, if that your puppy or dog feels safe and it feels like it has place of its. Dogs after all are known to be territorial.

As for larger dogs, such as mid size spaniels, boxers and terriers you will find that keeping them inside gets fustrating and irritating. Not just for you the owner but for the dog too.

They require the space that outdoor freedom offers them.

Secondly, you will needs to consider the size and space you can offer for housing your dog.

If the garage is well aired, cosy and there is not to much clutter, it might be a great place for your dog to live, if however its full of items and your dog has to live in a small area where it cannot make its own room, it will quickly become fustrated.

For those of us that live in areas like apartments and duplex houses (or attatched units) you should be very wary of how your dog will be exposed to the neighours. Many dogs dont take to kindly to being housed where people can annoy them and interrupt them.

Youve also got to think about what sort of breed requires what sort of housing.

The breeder will have sussed you out before selling a dog, to see if your home suits that breed, however some people often come across dogs in other circumstances. Always do lots of research into your breeds living habits. A lazy bulldog will surely be happy with a corner of the yard and not much room, but try and keep an active variety or breed like a pointer in a small yard, and you’ll drive the poor dog insane. Active breeds such as working dogs, needs space and roomy enclosures.

If your are in this circumstance, and have a yard space for your dog to be housed and run around in, please please please ensure that the fence you put up, is in good condition and is secure. Consider that your pet must not get out, but also consider if anything else can get in the yeard. Cats, other dogs & children are known for getting into places where they shouldnt be, and this can lead to trouble!

Housing a dog can also have situational requirements. Think about your climate and where you are going to site the kennel. will the dog be buy Floxin online cold? Windy? Directly sunny? Consider these factors when moving a kennel in your yard or chosen area. Kennel insulaton might be required if the area is frosty or gets snowfall regularly or intensely.

Obviously in this situation a mastiff will be happier than a greyhound, so exercise common thought about the dog your dealing with. Pay attention particularly to hot climates, which can affect your dog very fast.

Black colour on that kennel might suit your house, but will it harm your dog….? As far as buying a kennel goes nowadays there are great off the shelf items that suit many homes. Plastic moulded ones are common, but if your dog is a chewer, watch out!

Avoid GRP kennels like the plague, as the glass can lead to harm and discomfort for your pet. Wooden ones look awesome and have lots of style and practicality. If your budget lets you, go for a nice looking wood kennel!
My best dog housing tips, and some great examples of kennels and enclosure designs can be found at my dog resource page on housing your dog. Check it out, and the rest of my site

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