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Classification of Dog Types

Dogs are the most diverse species on earth with a dizzying array of sizes, body shapes and coat colors. In addition, different breeds of dogs display quite different personalities and behavioral traits.

Much of this is down to human meddling. For centuries we have bred dogs to meet our needs, so that over time we’ve developed over 600 distinct dog breeds.

However, there is also strong evidence of spontaneous mutations in dogs. So, as incredible as it seems, dogs have actually changed their appearance and behaviour to match what they believe we expect. How’s that for devotion!

Interesting stuff, but there’s also a more practical purpose to all this information.

Let’s assume you want to get a purebred dog as a pet. No doubt you’ll want a dog that suits your lifestyle. It would be foolhardy, for example, to get a Border Collie if you live in a small apartment and are a first class couch potato. You’re likely to end up with a dog that has serious behavioral problems.

And if your an outdoor type who enjoys camping and hiking and wants a dog to share these activities, a Shih Tzu or Maltese will be a less than perfect choice.

And it’s not just energy levels you need to consider. As you begin to put together a picture of your perfect dog, think about the level of affection you want, the level of independence, guarding ability, whether you mind a dog that barks. You’ll find there’s a breed that matches just about any profile you can think of.

And what about physical appearance, size for example? It’s hard to imagine two animals more different than a Saint Bernard and a Chinese Crested, yet both are unmistakably, dogs.

Something else you’ll want to think about is how much hair the dog sheds. Some dogs shed hair like an Alaskan blizzard while others shed hardly any hair at all. At the extreme, you’ll find the Mexican Hairless Dog, or Xoloitzcuintle, a perfect choice for the extremely house proud!

You should also think about training, an important responsibility of dog guardianship. Some dogs are a breeze to train, while with others you may as well talk to the trees.

If trainability is an issue you’ll want to go for dogs that are known to be quick and willing learners, a German Shepherd perhaps, or a Lab, or Doberman. While on the subject of trainability, the knowledge of the breed you intend training would give you an advantage, while learning how to train a dog.

The breeds you’ll want to avoid are most of the Hound Group, including Bassets, Beagles, and Bloodhounds. Some breeds, like the Dachshund, are known for being particularly obstinate, while certain toy dogs will ignore you as a matter of principal.

And we haven’t even gone into cross breeds and mixed breeds here.

But I’m sure you realize by now that there really is a dog to suit every person. So, what’s your dog type?

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