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Correct dog behavior problem

Do you want to cure dog behavior problem? It’s very simple depending on the problem. But most dog behavior problems are easy to fix.  Let’s look at the top dog behavior problems dog owners face and then let’s look at how easy it is to correct dog behavior problem:

1.  Dog Chewing
2.Dog on Dog aggression
3.Dog barking nuisance
4.Dog Pooping on the carpet

Those are the top dog behavior problems dog owners face.  Let’s look at how we can stop these dog behavior problems.

A Chewing Dog – Dogs chew for a couple of reasons~Chewing Dogs – dogs like to chew on things for a myriad of reasons~Chewing Dogs – sometimes dogs like buy Didronel online to chew because their bored~Chewing Dogs – sometimes dogs like to chew because it helps them get rid of anxiety}.Puppies don’t chew on your things out of spite, rather, they chew on them because they are teething.Dogs teeth just like babies.Too bad for you, they end up picking your $200 pair of boots you just bought!  Here’s what you can do to stop dog chewing.Never let your dog out of your sight even one minute when you first bring him home.Crating your puppy is not cruel. In fact, it makes them feel safe. 

Puppies need to be trained as to what areas are allowed and what areas are off limits.Buy him chewable toys.Don’t make it too easy for your dog to get the treat out of his toy.  Lastly, pick up any and all of your belongings and lock them away in your closet so that your puppy can’t get to them.

Dog on Dog Aggression – This always happens when there’s a new jack in town.  Your original dog is jealous of the “newcomer”.  So here’s what to do:  When you introduce your new dog to your dog, make sure you make it a point to lavish more attention on your original dog so that he doesn’t feel left out.This is no different than sibling rivalry.  You have to make sure your original dog feels loved and cherished.  It’s like you  have to go to the other extreme until your dog doesn’t feel threatenend. 

3) Dog Barking – Dog barking, especially Beagles, bark because for some it’s inbred.  Beagles and terriers tend to bark a lot by nature.  To stop dog barking what you need to do is give these dog breeds lots and lots of energy.Go to Prospect Park and play generic cialis buy online Frisbee with your dog.Tie their leash to your bicycle bar handle and then make them run at your pace! 

Barking is a sign of boredom.  Of course, it could also be a sign of an intruder, but usually Beagles bark just for the heck of it.They like listening to themselves howl.  Or, as I mentioned, they have pent up tension.Exercising your dog will often times cure this particular dog behavior problem.

If you want a poop-free rug, crate your dog.Nuff said.Make sure you’ve purchased a crate before you’ve gotten the dog because he needs to go in it immediately.Be sure to buy the proper sized crate.Dog give your dog room in his crate to poop and pee in it.Dogs don’t sleep where they poop.Dogs need to be confined to one area of the house initially.

The second most important thing about crating your dog is that you have to feed him on a regular schedule.  DO NOT give him water and food in unlimited amounts.  You must feed him the same time the same day, every day.One advantage is that you’ll know exactly when your dog has to poop. 

You can then time him so that you’ll know when exactly you need to take him out.  After you have conditioned him to eat and poop at a regular time, you will be able to let him out of his crate and know that he will not pee or poop on your carpet.

Correcting dog behavior problems are much easier than people think.You need to make sure you’re getting your information from the right source.Do you want to fix your dog problems? Tired of your dog problems.

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