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Discover How To Exercise Your Dog During The Blistering Phoenix Summers

If you reside in the Valley of the Sun, you know how beautiful the winter months are, especially to exercise your dog outside. But if you’re a full time citizen, then you also know the typically torturous hot weather that is delivered by the summer months as well. And the blend of heat and outdoor activity that can prove to be a extremely harmful combination for your k-9.

It’s not unheard of for the hottest days to linger for up to five and 6 months. And it’s in the course of that time you need to decide the best manner to exercise your dog without making him endure that heat. There are 3 choices available to you for achieving that goal.

1. Swimming – If your four legged friend enjoys swimming, this is a great alternative to a romp at the dog park or neighborhood walk. Just as it is for people, swimming is a joint friendly, high intensity exercise that helps keep your dog fit and healthy. If your furry friend enjoys water but doesn’t like to swim, if you have room in your backyard, having him run while dousing him with cold water from the garden hose does the job. Be sure he stays fairly wet from the water throughout the playtime.
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2. Have him walk on the treadmill – trained their dog to walk on a treadmill. Although the practice seems bizarre, it is still a sound way to exercise your dog. And while training your canine might take considerable time in the beginning, the benefits of this instruction will offer a great deal of satisfaction.

(A note of warning, your dog should NEVER be left without you watching him walking on the treadmill once he grasps the technique.)

3. Bring your furry friend to the gym – Another option of exercise for your dog, which may give the optimal advantage for you and your furry friend, is to take him to a designated canine gym. Phoenix has an indoor location that can be rented out for play and exercise. It’s been appropriately titled a “gym for dogs.” In there your canine can run and play for the duration of time the rental has been paid for. The facility is Arizona Dog Sports and when it is not being used as a play area, it is packed with classes where skilled trainers are Scottsdale dog training and the surrounding areas. It’s a convenient site and owned by a woman who is knowledgeable and passionate about dogs.

If you are searching for a way to keep your little one active, fit, and healthy during the summer months in Phoenix. These are three very good methods to exercise your dog and provide him the workout he demands.

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