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Do Beagles Need Litter Box Training?

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Does Your Dog Need Beagle Litter Box Training?

If you are really set on using – beagle litter box training then only try it with the smaller breeds of beagles and avoid trying it with the full size breeds. Beagle litter box training may take a while as beagles are not as predisposed to using a litter box as a cat would be.

In the area of dog training there are good ideas and there are bad ideas and for the concept of beagle litter training many people fall on the side of bad idea unless you plan on staying with the litter box concept. Habits are part of training and when it comes to creating habits, offering options is probably one of the worst ideas you could ever have. A dog is not going to choose the option that is easiest for you; they are going to choose the option that is easiest for them.

It helps to be realistic if you are considering beagle litter box training. You have to accept the fact that your dog will probably prefer the litter box to the outdoors and not give you any options. For that reason it is probably a good idea to avoid using litter boxes with regular sized beagles. If you are having housebreaking issues with your standard sized beagle a litter box is not your answer.

If you are convinced that you want to try beagle litter box training then, as was mentioned before, only do it for the smaller breed of beagles that are either pocket beagles or cross breeds – and be prepared to have it become your dog’s permanent option. If your toy breed of beagle is given the choice of a litter box or the cold outside it will take the litter box. But first you have to train the dog to use the litter box and this is done very similarity to training a cat but there are some internal mechanisms missing.

A domestic cat is taught by its mother to use a litter box and cats have it built in to them to use a litter box. Dogs do not share this affection for a litter box so you will have to be the one to get your dog used to a litter box. There are two situations in which you will be using a litter box and each requires a different approach.

Some people decide right when they bring their beagle pup home that they will be engaging in beagle litter box training. Get a litter box and constantly put your pup in the box all the while petting them and offering positive reinforcement. When you notice your pup getting ready to relieve itself in the house place it in the litter box and when it goes in the box offer more positive reinforcement. The whole process should only take a week or so.

Some people use beagle litter box training as a last resort for a smaller breed of dog that will not be housebroken. This is not going to housebreak your beagle but it could end your problem of the dog going in the house. Put the litter box where the dog does the most damage and spend the next couple of days straight putting the dog in the box every hour and offering positive reinforcement. If all goes well you will have a dog that never leaves the house.

This article contains some interesting information on beagle training. The information in this article is sure to not be in all dog training books.

By Michelle Adams
Published: 5/7/2008

Posted under Puppy Crate Training

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