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Does Calming Aid For Dogs Work?

Dog calming aid assists stressed dogs to relax during situations they normally find stressful, for example when home alone or during storms. Canine calming aid can also assist dog owners to deal with various dog problems, e.g. aggression.

Canine calming aid is not a miracle treatment. However, it can help you and your dog to cope better in situations that you both find distressing. Let's face it, dog behavioral problems are nerve-racking for us as well as our dogs.

How Does MaxxiCalm Calm Your Dog

MaxxiCalm is a premium quality calming aid for dogs that contains only natural ingredients that have been shown to support balanced behavior and maintain calmness in dogs.

Only human grade ingredients are used in MaxxiCalm. They naturally promote positive mood and can help to reduce anxiety in dogs.

MaxxiCalm is manufactured in the USA, in GMP and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) approved facilities.

It is recommended to use canine calming aid with other calming treatment techniques. Dog behavioral training and some simple adjustments in the dogs' environment, along with using calming aid, will get you better results and faster.

Which is why MaxxiCalm includes a free eBook with useful advice how to enhance the dog's behavior.

MaxxiCalm calming aid for dogs is now available on

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