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Dog Behavior Problems

While most dog owners know about the most common behavior problems seen in dogs they may still have a lot of curiosity as to why these behaviors are so common in canines. Too often, the owner misinterprets the dog’s behaviour, whether it’s barking, biting, chewing, or another unwanted action, and doesn’t handle it properly. Maybe you have just adopted your first dog, you’re just thinking about making that committment or maybe you just want to have a better understanding of your dog’s behavior so that you can correct behavior problems more effectively. The first step in fixing or avoiding common dog behavior problems is to understand them fully. Proper training will teach your dog to obey and will prevent or correct any dog behaviour problems.

1. Excessive barking

It’s normal for dogs to bark to some degree, and some also whine or howl. If a dog barks excessively it can buy Indocin online be considered a behavior issue. You really do need to figure out why your dog is barking to begin with before you can correct the problem.

cialis pills for sale Once you know this you can start to get the barking problem under control. It will require a steady, continuous effort and much patience on your part. Teach your dog to obey the command to be quiet. Ultimately you need to stick with the training and provide your dog with positive reinforcement.

2. The Chewing Problem

The desire to chew is an inborn behavior with dogs, such that it’s just something they naturally want to do. But it can quickly become a serious problem if your dog chews on valuable belongings in the home.

By providing your dog with things that it’s okay to chew on you can provide positive reinforcement. Be sure to keep you own items that you don’t want chewed up out of your dog’s reach. It can be really helpful to keep your dog confined to a crate or specific area of the house where he will be less apt to ruin something when you are not home. A sharp noise can be used to deter you dog if he is caught chewing on the wrong sort of item. Once you have its attention take away the thing it’s chewing on and provide a safe chew toy. Also be sure to exercise your dog regularly, as this will also help to prevent many behaviour problems caused by inactivity.

Digging Up The yard

Digging is also a normal instinct for many dogs, but one which can cause a problem for homeowners. The backgrounds of certain breeds, terriers for example, are more likely cause them to be diggers.

But it will still be annoying when you find your your lawn or flower bed has been dug up by your dog. If you’re able to figure out why the dog is digging you can then go straight to the root of the problem. You may need to spend some extra time with your dog, be sure he gets additional exercise and possibly more training too. If you feel that digging is something that your dog will not do without, it’s a good idea to give her a place where it’s alright to dig, like a kid’s sandbox. 

Anxiety When You’re Not Around

A very widespread behavior problem is known as separation anxiety. This is an entire host of problems that will manifest when you’re not around, including everything from excessive barking or whining, chewing on inappropriate things and even destroying things around the house.

If your dog really suffers from separation anxiety it will tale a lot of commitment to training, behavior modification exercises and work at desensitization to solve the problems. As a last resort, some extreme cases are prescribed medications.

5. Unsuitable Defecation and Urination

One of the easiest ways for a dog to infuriate its owner is to urinate or defecate inside. Such problems can make your dog an unwelcome guest in other people’s homes, in public and can cause damage to your own home. If a dog that was previously housebroken begins to exhibit these problems it’s important to check with your vet to make sure the dog’s health is okay.

Puppies under twelve weeks old will of course not be able to control their elimination. With full grown dogs though you may need to look into behavior modification and other training techniques as this is a very difficult behavior to correct once it has been learned.

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