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Dog Muzzles for your Pet?

If your dog is incorrigibly partial to chewing stuff or biting people or barking to no end, a dog muzzle may be a great way to train him to give his choppers a bit of rest. A dog muzzle can also help you make sure that you don’t get bitten when you’re trying to get help your dog with his flea powder or something. So if you’ve decided that you need a little muzzling help (for the dog, not you), which way do you go? There certainly are a million models out there on the market.

They make dog muzzles out of all kinds of material – from the leather and cloth to plastic and wire. Not only does the muzzle make it impossible for a dog to bite or chew when he’s not supposed to, it can make it impossible for him to bark when he’s not supposed to, too. Just think about it – how can he, when he can’t open his mouth.

Dog muzzles come in different kinds: they don’t all completely lock your dog’s jaws shut. That’s just the most extreme kind. That one is made of leather and it covers your dog’s snout right from under his eyes to the tip of this nose. Some of the regular muzzle kinds allow your dog to do everything but actually bite.

How do you know when you’re supposed to use a muzzle though? Well, when should you not use a dog muzzle – you should not use it when you’re not there to supervise things. If you don’t get any kind of trouble for not being able to open his mouth, you need to be there to help him. He also can’t use a muscle to punish him. That wouldn’t be the humane thing to do.

Dog muzzle use happens to be quite common in Europe. People put them on just to keep their dogs out of trouble when they take them out. In America on the other hand, dogs almost never wear muzzles out in public. About the only time that any dog regularly can look forward to a dog muzzle is when he visits the vet or when you take him defense training.

The Baskerville muzzle is considered one of the most humane ones. They make them out of soft plastic netting. The design allows your dog to open his mouth to drink or to to pant, but makes it difficult for him to actually bite. This kind of design is excellent for dogs with short snouts. The Mikki is somewhat the same, except that it makes it difficult for you dog to bark in addition.

Most dog owners in America who struggle with dogs that refuse to toe the line worry about how dog muzzles look like animal cruelty. In reality, it’s nothing like it. Muzzles are in fact about the most humane way you can go to controlling your dog annoying behavior.
Just remember that even small dog breeds can need muzzles. Don’t think that only big dog breeds need them. There are some awfully aggressive small dog breeds that definitely need muzzling. For more info on dog obedience or in choosing the right type of dog for your family or home click on dog obedience for small dog breeds or all dog breeds.

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