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Dog Nail Clippers Confidence Video Training

Ways to cut your cats Nails with overall Confidence!

(You will need “Trim-Pet” Clippers, “Trim-Pet” Nail File and STYPTIC powder for safe nail trimming!).

1. Go to a safe interruption free area where your animal can lay down and be comfortable.

2. Hold Animals paw till they are totally relaxed before attempting to cut.

3. Trim gradually, making little 1/8 inch cuts. A lot of Nails will need numerous cuts!

4. Follow this treatment:

A. First little cut will show white chalky, powdery inside of nail.
B. Continue trimming small amounts until the inside of nail reveals black gummy core.
C. Stop at that point! The quick or nerve is close behind black core.
D. If you would hit the quick (Nerve) and the nail bleeds, apply STYPTIC powder to the cut edge.
E. STYPTIC powder will stop bleeding really quick! No concerns it happens to the most experienced.
F. Continue procedure till all nails have been cut.

5. After trimming nails utilize included file to remove burrs and smooth edges of nail.

6. Cut nails every 2 weeks to prevent having issues.

7. Frequent trimming will not just condition your animal but will preventthe quick from growing down the nail.

Follow the instructions above and TAKE PLEASURE IN a happier healthier PET!

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