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Dog Nipping – Five Guidelines To Stop Dog Nipping

Nipping the frolicsome biting and mouthing of your hands and clothes by your dog is especially common among puppies, but can also happen in older dogs that haven’t been taught correct bite inhibition.  It’s natural for dogs to mouth and nip.  They explore the world using their mouths to a dog, his mouth is as significant as eyes and hands are to us.  Nipping is very different from true aggression; it’s a kind of communication, interaction, exploration, and play. 

It’s completely cute when your new puppy starts nipping at your hair or your neck during play time.  This behavior if left unbridled may cause heavy issues when his adult teeth come in.  If your little puppy is nipping, you have to start teaching him it’s an unsuitable behavior. 

1.  When your cialis 5mg price dog does nip be sure to stop playing with him immediately.  Let him know that it hurt by announcing “ouch”.  Then you can let him know, “bad dog, and no bite”.  It is important to have consistency when you discipline him, so take care you tell him the same each time. 

2.  Be certain and teach your dog that you are not the toy.  Always replace your hand with a toy and tell him that he is meant to play with it instead of you! 

3.  Another tip is to tell him to sit immediately after he has nipped you.  Take your finger and tap on his nose and say “no bite” in a cruel voice.  The tap is not intended to hurt him….it’s just to allow him know this isn’t correct behavior.  Your tone of voice is equally as important as the tap on the nose.  If you were his real mom, it would kindly be like an oral growl!  After a while all you’ll have to buy Gyne-Lotrimin online do is raise your finger and he is going to know to stop. 

4.  Dog nipping, unfortunately, is encouraged during game playing, when the dog is jumping up to get something.  So don’t play games that include waving your hands, tug of war or asking him to leap up.  Playing fetch and retrieve games is fine so long as your dog knows to drop the toy…  That way he isn’t fighting over the toy with you. 

5.  Most significantly, be consistent.  Dogs do not understand the “sometimes” word.  They do understand the word no!  Stay consistent…  Doesn’t confuse him!

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