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Dog Obedience Easily, Step By Step. Step 1, Sit!

You really can train your canine well, and so have an obedient, well-behaved dog, given the correct understandings and methods.

Even if you’ve not had success with dog obedience training before, this is not your fault. With the right info on how to do it, training dogs is simple, straightforward, simple to learn and effective.

Don’t worry that dog training might be too complicated or difficult. With the right information and understandings, it’s easy, works well and is enjoyable for both the dog and the owner.

Teaching your pup to sit is one of his first lessons. There are several good reasons why you should start with this command early on in his training.

1, sitting comes naturally to dogs since they often sit to rest in their normal daily lives.

2 teaching the pup to sit is relatively simple, and so it is a lesson that compare prices cialis he will learn very quickly.

3, you will find the sit position an excellent starting point from which to teach the other commands. When the pup is sitting, he is quiet, relaxed and under control.

4, Sit is a very useful command to use with your dog. An example of this is getting him to sit at intersections when walking, which can be really helpful for safety and control

Dog trainers in the past used to advise training a dog to sit by pulling up on the leash and pushing his bottom down. This can work, sort-of, but is not the most effective method of teaching him to sit. Most up-to-date professional dog trainers now recommend the following method which is more effective.

Use some small treats. With the dog standing, take one treat, show it to him in front of his nose, then while his attention is on – it move the treat upwards and slightly backwards and he will naturally sit down. As he sits down, say “sit”, clearly and positively, praise him a lot and give him the treat.

He will soon associate the word “sit” with the action of sitting. This is more effective than trying to teach this to him by pushing his bottom down, because then he’ll associate the action of you pushing his bottom down with sitting, which is far from ideal, as you can imagine!

Repeat this process until he sits instantly when you say the word “sit”. Then after that you can gradually try using just the word “sit” on its own without showing him the treat sometimes. Of course, praise him lots as soon as he sits when you say the word, and make progress gradually rather than suddenly.

This method will enable your dog to learn to sit easily. He will be happy to do so because you are happy when he does. This is a good win/win situation to begin your training dogs, which can be built on in other more advanced training dogs.

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