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Dog Obedience Training The Easy Way, Getting Your Dog’s Attention.

If you dream of having an obedient dog, please understand that that yes, this IS definitely possible. The first and most important step is here in this article.

Even if you’ve tried and failed with dog obedience in the past (this is not your fault, you just need the correct information!), don’t worry, if you begin with the steps we give you in this article, all other training will work far better for you and your dog.

If you are afraid that dog obedience buy Zebeta online is too difficult to understand, do not worry, the foundation to all dog obedience is covered here in detail, and it’s really easy and straight-forward to put into practice. Lots of other dog owners have had great success with this and you definitely can too.

Have you ever found it difficult to get your dog to do what you tell it?

The first step is to get the dog to pay attention to you.

How many times have you seen someone shout their dog’s name with absolutely no response?

So, to use this simple obedience training method, start by saying your dog’s name in a moderate voice without shouting, and if he looks at you say something like “good boy!” and praise and reward him with a treat.

Repeat this a few times, but cutting out the treat on occasions. We don’t want an overweight dog who only does things for food. Another tip on that point is to take your training treats out of your dog’s daily food allowance.

When this exercise has been repeated successfully several times we can make it harder by getting the dog to pay attention for longer, maybe ten or fifteen seconds before praising and giving a reward.

If your dog approaches you to try to see where you are hiding any treats it’s best just to ignore him.

When we’ve mastered this we can try it in different locations and with different family members calling his name and commanding attention. The key to doing that is to reward the dog immediately (with praise) as soon as it gives you attention when you say its name.

Calling your dog’s name and getting a cialis benefits response quickly and every time is the first stage in getting your dog to do almost anything, as once you have his attention you can move onto the next step in your dog’s training.

From feeding time to going out for walks, use your dog’s name on every occasion, but remember to be sparing with the treats, and eventually try to cut them down to a minimum as a special reward.

Use this good tip as the foundation for your dog’s obedience training, and the rest of the training becomes far easier.

This article is also available as a video on YouTube.

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