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Dog Training Advice: That Every Owner Should Know

One extremely annoying, but very natural, dog trait is incessant barking. This not only can be a disruption for you, but also will prove to be a nuisance for your neighbors. This article will go in depth regarding why your dog barks, and what are the best ways to prevent unwanted barking.

Since dogs are pack animals, they generally crave leadership. Of course, the occasional pet will be a natural alpha, but even they can be subjugated. It is important that you show your dog you are the alpha, or the leader for two reasons, he will obey better, and he will feel more secure.

Use timing as part of your dog training methods. Use it as a form of communication with your dog. Timing is one of the main elements of teaching a canine properly. It doesn’t matter what teaching methods you use, try to work at having them develop the proper timing for each method.

Teach your dog to smile! Dogs sometimes bare their teeth not just when they are being aggressive but also when they are excited and happy. You can reinforce that behavior by repeating the command “smile” every time they behave in that manner. Just make sure people that they are around realize they aren’t being aggressive.

Dog training should be viewed as a form of self control. If you’re not able to control yourself, you’ll never control your dog. Walk away from your dog, rather than letting him see an angry outburst, and remain calm even when his behavior is not stellar. Your dog will respond in a positive light if he watches you do the same.

To help with potty training a new puppy, plan ahead. If you have a brand new puppy, keep him in a towel-lined crate or kennel at night. For the first couple of weeks, bring him out every two hours and let him outside to do his business. Thoroughly praise him and he will begin to make the association between being outside and relieving himself, which will make training much easier as time goes on.

It is fun teaching your dog how to do tricks. Pick a time when he is fed, relaxed and calm. First, extend your hand to your dog’s paw. You may have to pick his paw up when you first start. Regardless of how he acts, give him a treat. Pretty soon he will learn that if he extends his paw he will get a treat. In no time, he will simply give you his paw on his own.

If your otherwise well-behaved and housebroken dog starts exhibiting poor behaviors, such as urinating indoors, take it to a vet to rule out any medical problems. Many medical issues can cause a dog to act out. Don’t punish your sick dog for showing you that it is sick; help it.

These tips help to explain why it is necessary to ensure that your dog is properly trained. Even if a professional trainer teaches your dog how to behave, in the end, your dog has to listen to you, the owner. By following these tips, you can make sure that your dog always knows who’s in charge.

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