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Dog Training: How To Have A Content Dog And A Stress-Free Owner

Is your dog’s bad behavior causing you stress? Don t just put it with it. It s time to begin some consistent obedience training for your dog. This means you should be persistent and consistent with your training. However, training should always be fun for your dog or it will quickly get bored!

Understand Your Dog Basic Needs

With power comes great responsibility. If you don t fulfill your dog’s basic needs, you shouldn’t be surprised buy Benfotiamine online if you have a badly behaved or neurotic dog. What are the basic needs? Here are the main ones:

  • water and food
  • sufficient exercise
  • social interaction with dogs and people
  • an environment which stimulates him.

The main point in training your dog is to utilise positive and negative reinforcement. When your dog does a behavior that is wanted, you should reward him with a treat or affection. It’s very important that the reward comes immediately after the desired behavior or the dog will not connect the two thing.

It s acomplia brand best to focus on positive reinforcement for wanted behaviors rather than negative reinforcement for bad behaviors. This has been found to be a more effective way of training.

Physical punishment is not an effective or compassionate way to train dogs and will only lead to your dog being neurotic and fearful. That’s not going to be a good relationship between man and dog. You can say a firm No in a growling tone of voice to stop him engaging in an unwanted behavior. Perhaps most effective is to ignore your dog when he misbehaves. Dogs want your attention and being ignored is negative reinforcement enough.

An important aspect of training is to understand that a dogs is a dog, not a human being. Don t humanize him. Dogs have their own way of communicating which you will not understand unless you study it. You need to learn what their body language means. They have various ways of communicating: with their tail, head position, ear position, mouth and teeth and vocally with various kinds of barks, growls and whines.

Being pack leader or alpha dog is vital if you want your dog to behave well. If your dog is pack leader, he is never going to be well-behaved for you because he thinks you are one of his pack. Some advice on positioning yourself up as pack leader:
-eat a some food in front of your dog just before you feed him. The alpha dog always eats before the pack members.
-don t let him to onto the sofa or bed. The pack leader sleeps on higher ground.
-make sure you go through doors before your dog.

This is an introduction to some important points in dog obedience training. I recommend you look into the most systematic of training methods: dog clicker training.

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