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Dog Training Treat Bag

Training Your Puppy? The Best 4 Pets Dog Training Treat Bag will help!

Puppy class – what fun! Twelve or so puppies of every shape and size, all excited, with no clue what it is all about. You, hanging onto the leash while pup explores, meets and greets his classmates or tries to hide behind the nearest bush.

Finally the trainer calls the class together. With leash in one hand and your other hand busy with a clicker or hand signals, how do you manage to get the treats out of your pocket in time to reward pup when he does well?

This is where your Best 4 Pets treat bag comes in. You wear it around your waist (the belt is adjustable, to fit most sizes) Pull the bag open, and the special hinge keeps it open, ready for you to grab a treat as needed. The bag is big enough that the little treats won't fall out and it lies comfortably over your hip.

When class is over, a push on the rim closes it and it stays closed, no spills. It comes with a mesh pocket on the front to hold your phone, poop bags etc. as well as a key ring and a hook.

Of course, puppy classes are not the only time you will use the Best 4 Pets treat pouch. You will certainly want to give treats as your puppy learns to walk on a leash, or come when called. As your dog progresses he will likely go on to obedience training or agility class. Then there are times when you will give a treat just because you love her. Your puppy will soon associate the treat bag with paying attention and doing what he is told and he will be happy when it is training time.

Right now the Best 4 Pets Dog Training Treat Bag is available only on I am a big fan of Amazon. They have great customer service; they follow up to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, and they often give tips on how to use the item.

I am certain that you and your dog will be happy with the Best 4 Pets treat bag. I encourage you to click the link below to order one and see for yourself.

Dog Training TreatBag by Best 4 Pets
It is only a little red bag, nothing more…. but the spring hinge saves so much fiddling around with baggies that won't open or worse, won't stay closed, spilling little treats all over the place.

When you open this bag it stays open so that you can get your hand in for the treats. Your dog is happy . Then click, it is closed and stays closed.

really there is more! A belt to hold the bag, adjusts to big enough for an XXL waist. A clip to hold it onto your pants if you prefer, a mesh pocket to hold poop bags and other goodies, a key ring and a hook. It is tough, washable and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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