Become The Alpha Dog

Dog Training: you Must be the Alpha Dog

The One Unarguable, Universal Fundamental about Dog Training is:

You have to be the alpha dog. If you can’t bring yourself to be the boss in your relationship with your dog, then you will have real problems in training him to be an obedient, loving companion. If you just want to treat him like a baby and let him do whatever he wants, then he will!

But he won’t respect you!

It’s really just a matter of common sense. Your dog must Respect You, Trust You and Love You – in that order! Only then will he pay attention to you and do what you tell him – first time and every time!

It’s easy to forget that your new, adorable puppy is an animal! He’s just your new baby, isn’t he? You must remember that he doesn’t think like you. His dog instincts are completely different. If you study a group of puppies in a litter, as soon as they are old enough to scramble about, they will try to assert themselves over each other.

Dogs are pack animals (wolves are an ideal example) and there is only one leader – the Alpha Male. All the members of the pack are conscious of their standing in the hierarchy and will attempt to move up the order. This is why your dog must be in no doubt that you are the alpha member of the group. If he feels that he is above you in the pack, then he will ignore your commands or even try to dominate you.

Here is a typical case study: We have all seen this situation on TV. The husband, the wife and the dog – often quite a small dog. The dog is extremely possessive of the wife, sits on her lap and won’t let the man near her. The dog growls, barks and nips any time the husband approaches.

Why is this? Let’s get into the mind of the dog. He is convinced that he is the alpha dog, she is the alpha female and he is protecting her from the husband, who is just another pack member. And the actions of the humans just reinforce that conviction. Who is buy Hoodia Patch online most to blame here?

Sorry ladies, it’s You! Does the wife push the dog off her lap and tell him to get down? No, she doesn’t because part of her is loving the fact that the dog adores her so much. Until he realises that he is number three in that “pack” then the situation will not change, unless the man gets so fed up that he takes a big stick to the dog, or the ultimate solution, the dog ends up in the rescue center. We all know that’s not the solution

This doesn’t mean that dog training has to involve a reign of terror. Your dog should never be afraid of you. Let’s repeat it, He Should Respect You.

The Good News. There is a much easier way! Think about it, your dog is dependent on you for all his needs. You provide food and shelter, exercise, affection and stimulation. He gets these how and when You decide. By manipulating the supply of these needs, it is easy to impress on the dog that you are in charge.

You just let him wait and give him what he wants, only when he has done what you’ve told him. In the above scenario, if the husband takes over the feeding duties and applies this method, the dog will soon get the message.

Feeding is probably the easiest example. If you let him jump all over you as soon as you reach for his feeding bowl, he is the one calling the shots. But if you make him sit or lie down, at least a few feet away, until you put the dish on the floor, then he will soon realise who is in charge. Of course, you must persist with this routine each and every time – and Don’t Give In!

Once your dog realises this, he’ll be putty in your hands. Dogs are essentially eager to please and really enjoy the praise and rewards that come with good behavior.

A quick word here on treats. If, during training, your dog gets a treat every time he does something right, then who is calling the shots? It is obviously important to reinforce good behavior with rewards but it should not be a treat every time. Vary the reward, from a pat, or a “Good Boy!” and then the occasional treat. At the end of the training, a nice long walk can be the ultimate reward.

If you have an extended family, with children in the home, then it is even more important that the dog must realise and accept his position in that situation. In his eyes, it’s a pack, isn’t it?

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