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'Down' command for dogs

The ‘down’ lesson is a must for any well trained dog. My article here will show you the basics of the ‘down’ command, and adopts technique from ‘Secrets to Dog Training’, the best selling dog training program you can get.

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‘Down Dog!’

This lesson is best taught outside, in a open area your dog trusts, free from ALL distractions. An empty beach or park, or your back yard is ideal.

Start by buy CoQ10 online calling your dog to attention with a favourite treat (cut up chicken, sausage or bologna). The idea is to get the dog to be positioned standing in front of you.. Hold a piece of the treat in front of his nose, then move it slowly down to the ground in front of him, but far away to know he cannot have it. Restrain him if need be. Use the ‘down’ command you have chosen both spoken and motioned (ie hand signal) and repeat it until your dog lays down.

After he lies down, let him have his treat by moving it to him, as he is lying down.

We dont want him to get the treat, until he has done the whole command. Dont give him the reward acomplia rimonabant – buy acomplia online without a prescription if hes only done a half job. Often, the dog wont know what to do first off. Coax him down by hand, and reward him when hes lying to satisfaction. Keep doing this until he learns he gets the treat when he is fully laid down. It wont take long if he is mildly hungry, as dogs usually are!

When your think your dog is lying down well, with confidence, next hold the food a couple of inches off the ground away from him. We hope that he learns to lie down in anticipation of getting the reward!

Chances are this might get him confused at first, but guide with your hand, pushing him down gently and giving the treat when he does well.

After practise of this, start giving the ‘down’ command (hand motion and voice instruction) before you present the treat to lead the dog down.

Now gradually try to wean your dog of wanting the reward. You can get him to respond to a down sweep of the hand, and a ‘down’ command. Hold the reward further and further away from him, and reduce the praise each time as you give it to him. Get him to want and accept your praise as reward for following the hand and voice instructions.

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