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First Aid Colloidal Silver Skin Care for Pets

Colloidal silver is a trusted antibiotic healing solution for both humans and pets. This 'Spot Shot' from Simpetico Pet Supplies on Amazon can be applied to comfort with abrasions or minor burns and to fight irritations while triggering the regrowth and improvement of wounded tissues.

It is a fantastic, all-around topical treatment that can also help with normal dental hygiene by helping with healthy gums.

Just like every household should keep Band-Aids on hand in case of accidents, every pet owner should keep Simpetico 'Spot Shot' for scrapes, irritations and for general wound and skin care.

This is such a multipurpose, all-around, powerful first aid treatment that it truly could not be easier to keep your pets active and in full health.

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This solution works because colloidal silver eliminates fungi and disease-causing germs in your pet.

Your animals' immune system then wipes out unsafe microbes and unlike other antiseptics, colloidal silver use does not encourage the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of germs.

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