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First Class Pets Introduces The Soothing Grooming Mitt For Shedding Pets

For a while now my dog has dreaded getting brushed and being groomed with a passion. With brushing made difficult thanks to my picky pet, I am always finding her fur all over my house, my clothes and it is always clogging up my vacuum cleaner!

So, in search of an answer, I headed over to Amazon and eventually found the First Class Pets Grooming Mitt. After purchasing it, when it arrived I was quick to test it out.

I quietly began the brushing… After some short moments it took for my dog to relax, she quickly realised that this was nothing like traditional brushing techniques that I've tried previously that normally pull, rip and even sometimes with more aggressive shedding brushes, tear patches of fur out!
It worked incredibly in removing dead hair that would normally shed all over the place and it also calms my dog which is great!

The Grooming Mitt fits comfortably with its adjustable velco strap around the wrist and inner strap, but it's also great as it provides a universal fit for both right handed and left handed users! (something that most grooming mitts I came across do not offer).

If you have a dog, cat or any kind of pet that requires grooming you definitely need to consider getting this Grooming Mitt. If your pet is nervous, old or you simply do not want to put any unneeded stress on your pet then this alternative in grooming is the way to go!

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This post was written by TKB_Editor on November 24, 2015

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