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Fish Oil For Dogs – Potential Side Effects

Giving your dog Omega oil supplement is a good way to make sure the dog get the right balance of essential and non-essential fatty acids.

Side effects from giving your dog Omega oil are very rare and the crucial benefits for your dog simply offset them.

Your dog may smell fishy for few days and some dogs may experience mild diarrhea when first starting to get Omega oil supplement. The most serious potential side effect is inflamed pancreas but this is highly unlikely to occur. The symptoms include diarrhea, pain, vomiting and dehydration so see your vet if your dog shows any sign of those symptoms.

There are things worth having in mind before starting to use any Omega oil supplement. Fatty acids are high in calories, so if your dog is overweight, then you should reduce the calories he gets from other food accordingly.

Cod liver oil contains high level of Vitamin A and D, so Omega oil from fish that stores the fat in the body (e.g. salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines) is better than fish liver oil (e.g. cod liver oil).

The video below Fish Oil Side Effects explains visually the possible side effects of giving your dog Omega oil supplement. But as we have learned, the benefits of giving your dog Omega oil are so great that they easily outweigh the potential side effects.

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