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Fundamental Points To Bringing Up A Well Behaved Dog

Probably the most essential element in moulding your lovable little puppy into a properly behaved mature dog all the family will love is robust dog training strategies. Dogs have to know the rules of the house, as do children, and they need to respect the authority of their masters. A lot of budding dog owners fall in love with the adorable, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, puppyface at the pet store, only to find just how frustrating it truly is when that gorgeous ball of fluff carries on doing it’s biz upon the floor as well as chewing up all sorts of things in the house from the furnishings to everyones shoes. Even though all young puppies may get into their fair share of trouble, a responsible dog owner will allow enough time and exercise the patience to raise that puppy into a suitably behaved pet dog that is a joy for all. This article will provide a handful ofessential dog training advice that will help you to create a happy and lasting relationship with your pet further down the track.

Setting Out Rules

The first step in dog training is to set out some rules of the household, and the sooner the better. This means that if you don’t want your 75-pound Labrador jumping up on your bed at night (or at anytime for that matter), you should not allow your 10-pound puppy to be up there either. Not once; not ever. It is never too early to train your puppy to keep off the furniture or not to jump up on visitors. Before you buy Femcare online introduce your new puppy to your home, be sure the whole family understands what is required and they are prepared to enforce the rules the puppy needs to learn.

Consistency Is Key

When the rules have been decided upon, you will then need to be consistent in enforcing them. Your puppy should be reprimanded with a firm “No!” every time a rule of the house is disobeyed. You will then need to demonstrate the correct thing to do. The same applies to all areas of dog training from housebreaking to not chewing your shoes and using his own chew toys. As is with children, dogs will become familiar with the rules in a short time when acted upon cialis tablets 20mg diligently. The problem is that consistency takes time and alot of patience on the part of the dog owner. Nonetheless, solid consistent dog training from the outset will save time and effort – and all the headaches – longterm.

Offering Positive Rewards

It is important to reward your puppy for good behavior and following the rules. Using positive reinforcement gets the desired results for effective dog training much more often than punishment. At the beginning of the process, rewards may include a dog bickie or something similar. As your puppy becomes familiar with the dog training process, rewards can then move to praise and positive attention when your puppy does obey your commands. When positive reinforcment is provided in a consistent manner, your puppy will understand reasonably quickly that it is to his benefit that he listens to you and obeys.

In no way is dog training a difficult task to master, it just takes a certain amount of time, patience and using consistent methods to get the results you are after. However, you will find that the time you put in will be well worth the effort when you end up with a really good, well behaved dog that listens and doesn’t go silly when guests are over and is an enjoyable experience for your family.

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