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Fur-Tastic Pet De-Shedding Tool – Amazing Cat & Dog Grooming Brush at a Fantastic Price

The Fur-Tastic 2 in 1 De-shedding Tool for Fido & Fluffy. This includes a stainless steel rotating head that quickly flips from a rake to a blade. The rake quickly de-tangles stubborn mats, tangles and hairballs. The de-shedding blade smoothly penetrates your fury friend’s undercoat to carefully get rid of loose hair and leave healthy hair in place.

The ergonomic non-slip handle is textured to offer the best grip that will offer convenience and remove fatigue during use. Relax as you pamper your pet!

Regular grooming of your cat or dog can provide both of you real benefits. It helps stay clear of tangles and mats in the coat and draws out the natural gloss and shine. It additionally lessens pet dander and air-borne allergens in your home and helps you determine early signs of pet illness or parasites.

Give your vacuum a break! You don’t have to have a group of complicated brushes and combs to get a grip on pet hair shedding. All you need is a bit of time, some love and The Fur-Tastic 2 in 1 De-shedding Tool. By Encore Pet Products. Made in CHINA

Why Spend $40 On A National Brand Pet De-shedding Brush When You Can Pay a Fraction of the Cost For a High Quality One?

If you are like me, when I aim to buy any product I want quality at an affordable cost. I have actually been wanting to get a deshedding tool for my two fury family members (a dog and cat) for a while and I kept running into the FURminator and Shedzilla. I felt these were more expensive than needed and could not justify paying forty dollars for a pet brush. Then I came across this and chose to give it a try. I have not been sorry for that choice.

This could be silly however it’s a rewarding sensation to stumble across an item that actually works really well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Both of my fury pets love it! The cost is outstanding compared with expensive ones.

Holy meows! I didn’t even realize my kitty cat shed that much – she’s a short hair simple gray cat. However this deshedding tool is out of control effective. I can’t even believe how well it worked and how much loose hair came out of it. My dog is a flat coated retriever mix and she sheds that black long fur that gets everywhere! I got this tool to help minimize the pet hair in my home and the results are better than I anticipated.

I really like and discovered this gem online. With the price of gas I wished to save the expense of running around all over the place shopping for a pet brush. Turns out this was the right choice. I discovered a great product at a fantastic price, satisfaction guaranteed and delivered to my front door! Exactly a no-brainer!

Although this was a small purchase I am extremely impressed with the outcome. If you are considering a pet deshedding brush, you will see that this product meets or exceed your requirements and I encourage you to act now and click the link below and give it a try. Remember, satisfaction guaranteed!

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