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Genie Best Adjustable Dog Cushion Collars – An Incredible Pet Accessory For Pet Owners

I have a Golden Retriever named "Daisy". I just celebrated her birthday and she is now 2 years old. You will agree with me that it is a great feeling when you locate a exceptional quality gift for your dog. I just purchased a new dog product from Genie Best.

My shopping experience was good timing not only because it was Daisy's birthday, it was a 2-for-1 special offer to celebrate their new product launch. I got two classic medium-sized pet collars. Love the black and red colors. The nylon fabric and embroidery are soft and comfortable with cushion padding. Daisy looked very happy when I put the collar on her.

I am an Amazon prime member and enjoy free shipping. All purchases come with their 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

When I went through the product listing, I was really happy that Genie Best is a 5-star merchant with outstanding reviews. I love dealing with merchants who care about their customers and stand by their products.

If you are looking for a gift for your pet, I encourage you to click the link below to find out more about this pet product. Order yours now and your dog will love them. Let me know how it turns out for you.

Your dog is beautiful, fun and full of life. Make sure their pet collars are too!

COMFORT: Soft, comfortable, sturdy and long-lasting pet collars for medium-sized dogs. Made of premium quality nylon fabric with cushioned neoprene padding. You can adjust it to fit neck sizes between 10 inches and 16 inches in circumference. Simple design and unique style for every day use. Classic black and red colors for all occasions. Stay trendy all year long.

STYLISH: Traditional buckle style. Extremely easy to buckle and unbuckle. Very comfortable for your dog to wear. It does not rub your pet's hair off due to the extra neoprene cushion padding.

AMAZING WORKMANSHIP: They are very durable collars with a 1.25" collar width while the standard is 1". Soft on the inside with padding to ascertain it's a flawless and comfortable fit. The collar and buckle are sturdy and lets you hang onto your dog. It will also fit well and wear well on your pet. He/She will look and feel great!

Must-have for every pet owner. Get a pair for a pet lover. Buy some for your friends and family too. Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $35.

Note: Actual product color may be slightly different from the product images.

How to measure: Measure your dog's neck size and add 2 inches. For in-between sizes, buy the next largest size. Lengths are based on the measurement from the end of the buckle to the last hole.

Purchase With Confidence

We stand by our product. 100% guaranteed satisfaction. When you click on the Buy button, you will receive two superior quality pet collars for your everyday use. More importantly, your dog will love his/her soft and comfortable collars when going out with you!

Visit Amazon for more about this pet collar product

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