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Getting Ranked On YouTube

There are going to be several factors that help you rank you video on YouTube.

1.  The title of your video.  Make sure you include the keywords you want to rank for in the title.  Long tailed keywords are always easier to rank for, just like the search engines.

2.  Your tags.  Your tags you place for your video are extremely important.  However, most people do this completely wrong, so I want to shed some light on how too better use your tags.  Let’s say you have a series of dog training videos you want to place on YouTube, this is how most people add their tags:  dog training video, dog training, easy dog training techniques.

What that actually does is causes you to rank for just the individual word and not the word groupings.  Therefore, instead of ranking for dog training videos as a set of keywords you’ll actually online cialis prescription rank buy Diovan online for dog, training, video instead.  As you can guess that isn’t nearly as effective as ranking for the whole phrase.  So instead make your tags look like this dog-training-video, dog-training,easy-dog-training-techniques etc.  This will tag you for the correct phrase.

3.  Your video description.  Your video description doesn’t need to be a book but it should include some helpful keyword phrases based around your niche.  You should always include the main keyword phrase you want to rank for that is in your title as well.  I also like to put a link to my site I want people to visit as the first thing in my description.  You won’t get a ton of traffic from this but it helps!

4.  Comments.  Getting comments on your video will help the video rank better.  It’s not 100% proven but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have more activity on your video.  It’s doubtful that YouTube scans your comments for keywords but the more interactivity the more notice the system takes.  Likewise, you can get yourself seen a lot more by commenting on other peoples videos in similar niches to yours. Doing this will put a link to your video section from your user name when you post a comment.  When someone clicks they are taken to your account page where they can look at the videos you’ve uploaded.

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