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Giving The Dog A Massage

It is not surprising for dogs to be viewed as man’s best friends because these animals have proven their worth as affectionate, loyal and protective companions that have also provided the family with an unending source of joy. There is no doubt that dogs have given pet owners invaluable companionship thus a massage is the least an owner can do to pamper the pet. A dog is a social animal that would love to be petted and to receive attention from its master. Similar to the effects of massage to humans, dogs would get loads of benefits from massage too.

It was proven that dog massage have improved the health of dogs suffering from a variety of medical conditions. This kind of deep massage though is best conducted by well trained massage therapist using a variety of techniques. Aging dogs weighed down with joint and muscle pains will be given a new leash to healthier life as regular massage improves blood circulation and better functioning of all the systems of the body.

Massage can greatly benefit physically and emotionally stressed dogs. Massage has a calming effect that allows a dog to get through the sounds of thunder or the deafening noise of the 4th of July or New Year festivities. Massaging the dog is a great way to establish pet-owner and pet friendship.

A dog would love a massage thus a pet owner should not hesitate to pamper the pet . One of the objectives of massage is to calm a highly stressed dog thus dogs that are not accustomed to being touched should not be forced to submit to being rubbed down. This situation is most common in dogs adopted buy Female Sexual Oil online from rescue centers. To massage a small dog, you simply let the pet lie in your lap. However, bigger dogs would need a firm but well padded surface like a table or a couch. Start the massage with slow stokes from the head to the tip of the tail. Using light pressure, gently scratch the dog behind the ears, the cheeks and the chin taking extra care in rubbing the area between the eyes.

Use the hell of the hand to make circular motion on the neck of large dogs. Applying a little more pressure, move the heel of the hand in the same circular motion down to the shoulders and to the chest of the dog. In smaller dogs, use three fingers and follow the same path. The stroking must follow the direction of hair growth. The inner side of the legs can be stroked against the direction of hair growth.

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