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Golden Retriever Training: Building Good Relationship With Other Dogs

The golden retriever is one of the breeds described as kind, friendly and confident but despite that, there are still a lot of things they have to learn about and that can be achieved through golden retriever training. While some people forego training taking into consideration this breed’s remarkable personality, it’s of utmost importance to conduct it so that the four-legged ones to become reliably well-behaved pets.

Since pets are expected to act well in all places at all times, one of the things they should develop at the earliest possible time is their relationship towards other dogs and other pets in general. As a puppy, they must interact with the mother and other puppies from the litter. It is during this time that they learn how to communicate with each other using body gestures such as barking, snapping, howling and many more. This also explains why puppies below eight weeks old don’t need to be taken from the litter for when it happens, they won’t be able to develop their social relationship thus can potentially result in behavior problems when brought to their new owners.

When they’re already exposed to their litter mates and other common scenario, it won’t be too difficult for them to adjust to the new environment you brought them into. However, being pack animals, it is very important to show your dog who the leader of the pack is especially if you have other dogs at home. Therefore it helps to introduce them to each other appropriately to prevent territorial issues and other associated issues.

Bring the two dogs in neutral territory, in a fenced area if possible. With help from a friend or member of the family, be sure that the dogs are far away from each other and both have their leash attached. If no one buy Moisturizing Baby Soap online displays any sign of aggression or stress at first sight, reward them with praise or sweet-talk. Slowly bring them closer to each other and diligently shower them with rewards, be it treat or praise for every good behavior exhibited. When one starts showing any undesirable behavior, ignore and wait until the dog calmed down. Give reward only if they’re showing desirable behavior. At some point, both will realize that the only way to get your attention, and treats if they’re lucky, is to interact with each other without being too rough and aggressive. At home, provide the new pet with his own comfort zone so as not to make the other think that his territory is in peril thus prevents issues from developing.

When introducing the two pets, be cautious and alert for whatever problem that may take place in the process. It also helps to be patient when dealing with this scenario because adjusting to and accepting each others presence is not as easy as clicking the clicker that is helpful in other aspects of golden retriever training.

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