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Golden Retriever Training Tricks: Handy Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

Are you one of those golden retriever owners who are having trouble doing away with or curbing their dog’s jumping-at-people behavior? Are your golden retriever training techniques no longer working? It could be that you don’t really know where to start so that you can effectively take care of your dog’s behavior problems. If you are looking for sensible golden retriever training techniques that could aid you to stop your golden retriever from jumping on people, then here are a few simple dog training tips to take into consideration:

1. Determine the reason behind your golden retriever’s behavior.

You must have knowledge of your dog’s typical responses as well as the messages your dog is hoping to say through his body gestures. Indeed, your goldie will send signals or messages through the twitch of his ears, the movement of his head or tail, and even the rolling of his eyes. He may be telling you something when he keeps pacing to and fro or barks excessively. You must be mindful of these things because such can absolutely help you deal with your dog whenever he misbehaves or do something unpleasant.

And when it comes to the jumping on people habit, it may be because he’s overexcited about playing games with you, very delighted to see you back home or is looking towards executing a variety of dog training activities. This habit could become very troublesome and dangerous, particularly if your goldie is fond of jumping at random people. Knowing what causes such behavior will help you ascertain the solution. You can even prevent your dog from doing it beforehand.

2. Implement golden retriever training for obedience immediately.

In fact, training for obedience has to be started as soon as your puppy can manage any training routine or lesson. It’s best to start training your golden retriever while your pet is still a puppy as this gives you more edge with regards to making him master all the obedience commands that he need to comply. The sooner you can start training your dog for obedience, the lesser chances you have of dealing with an unmanageable pet dog.

Command your dog to stop the instant he jumps on you or unto other people. Make him sit and stay, and praise or give him treats if he obeys your commands. If he doesn’t, then automatically turn around and ignore him until he gets tired of getting your attention. Just make sure that you don’t hurt your dog by pushing him aside or by yelling at him. Harsh methods won’t make him understand that that what he’s doing is beyond tolerable.

3. Eliminate the behavior before it becomes a common practice.

Indeed, prevention is always better than cure. Why wait for the instant that your dog develops the habit of jumping at all the people he favors or encounters if you can actually train him the proper means of greeting individuals? Why let your wet and muddy golden retriever jump at your freshly-cleaned clothes when you can actually teach him to behave at certain situations? Conduct buy Oxytrol online proper and consistent golden retriever training so that you could teach positive behaviors that would even last for a lifetime. Through this, you won’t have to cope with a rowdy pet.

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