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Great Dane Puppy Training For A Stress-free Bath Time

Providing your pup with great dane puppy training as soon as possible is something you’ll be grateful for someday. Even though given the nickname gentle giant because of their gentle nature, having an untrained great dane will definitely cause lots of trouble. This breed can measure for about seven feet from head to tail so definitely wrestling with your grown dane during bath time is no fun. He can knock you down in his effort to escape or he might slip on the damp floor while running away from the water.

Therefore, it is a great idea to help him feel more comfortable with bathing procedure. While it is not recommended to give your pup daily bath, teach him to get used to it by introducing or exposing him to various grooming or bathing tools. While young, allow him free entry to the tub from time to time. Persuade him to get inside the tub and give reward for going there. This helps him connect the tub with something positive.

When he is accustomed to going in and out of the tub, the next step of great dane puppy training is to teach him to execute basic obedience while inside the tub. You may also stroke your pup the way you would do so when giving him actual bath. Talk to him in a joyful tone of voice while doing so. When the time has come for him to bath, add or adjust the water before he gets into the tub. Avoid pouring lots of water over his face as this can cause him buy Cytotec online distress. Use washcloth instead to prevent him from becoming scared of the water.
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While bathing, continue to talk to your little pup using cheerful and motivating tone of voice. Give plenty of praise to let him figure out that you’re pleased with him. One more handy dog training advice when training your gentle giant is to get in the tub with him. It will help him remove whatever doubt he is feeling concerning the tub and bathing in general.

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